Multi Day

Oct 22, 2010

What a fantastic multi day we had last week and what a different set up. Thankyou to all who attended and im glad the response to the male domme assisting me went down so well. It was very interesting to watch my sub (who played top for the event) and see how well he interacted with you all. I was especially pleased at initiating a new 'cum slut' into the preceedings too. Apologies for the delay in posting, as you may know i needed a small operation which i delayed inorder to do the mulit day and boy im glad i did, it would have been such a shame to miss out on such a fun afternoon.

Ive been winding down my work for half term week to give me time to recover from my sholder injury, this will of course give me time to go through the films and pics ive been taking over the last few weeks and post them all for your delight.

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