Multi Madness

Dec 6, 2014

 Multi-day madness once again with a group of subbies all suffering at the hands, and the strap-ons, of myself and my lovely Domme friend, Miss Mighty Powerful. My Hanwell dungeons were ringing with the happy sounds of my slaves’ moans and groans of discomfort, all mixed in with a few happy screams and shouts as my wanking machines did their best to extract spunk samples from all of the lucky participants. One wretch in particular was fortunate enough to spend most of the afternoon hogging the Venus 2000 machine with it sucking away at his cock as he was suspended in a bondage harness and leg spreader from the dungeon ceiling beams. The end of his cock was rubbed red-raw but, in retrospect, I was perhaps still a little too kind to him, although I did encourage Miss Mighty to use her beautifully manicured long nails on his sensitive nipples at every opportunity.

I had advertised the multi-day as a celebration of the anniversary of condom advertising on TV and so one of my aims was to get as many filled condoms as possible to provide one lucky sub with a milky feast of man-filth at the end of the party. Sure enough, my first slave who had been treated to the attentions of both myself and Miss Mighty on the whipping bench, duly produced a sample for my collection once I got the Hitachi magic Wand (no other brand will do!) working away on his cock. We had earlier had a lot of fun watching some forced-bi action as this slave was continually wanked and sucked by one of his fellow submissives and so I was pleased to see that he produced a sizeable sample and the sort of full condom I needed.

Yet another slave was face-up on the bondage bench with my electric nipple suction cups working away tormenting his nipples while Miss Mighty did her level best to take away his only air supply through the end of his pump-up gag. I could see that he was suffering that delicious mix of fear and sexual excitement to be strapped down and helpless at the mercy of two such dominant and powerful Mistresses. Fortunately his fear did not prevent him also producing a spunk sample when my magic wand demanded it, and so Miss Mighty and I were soon in possession of sample Number Two.
By the end of the afternoon our collection had grown to the point where it was ready to be presented to the lucky subbie whom we had selected for some serious, multi-day humiliation and perversity. I gave him a taste of the humiliation to come when I ordered him to lie face up on the floor of my new shower wet room and proceeded to empty my (very full) bladder over his face and body. The twist was, however, that I had made him rest his head on an adult nappy which was soon soaked to the brim with my house champagne. I think subbie had by then guessed what was coming as Miss Mighty and I strapped the urine-soaked nappy tight round his face, forcing him to breathe only through the absorbent piss-drenched material. There was just room enough to pop our collection of used condoms under the cloth.
I can’t remember now whether it was me or my colleague in arms who had the brilliant, creative thought of putting some pin pricks in the condoms before they went in his mouth: it meant that the rapidly-cooling spunk seeped out into his mouth and down his throat without him being able to do a thing about it. A fittingly-filthy end to a fun and enjoyable day.
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