Multi-Day Tsunami

Aug 11, 2015

It was interesting to see my friend Fetish Liza trying NOT to orgasm for hours at our multi-slave party: even if the end result was tsunami flood of pussy juice when her dam finally burst and she had what looked like a really enjoyable, very wet and seemingly-endless climax. Liza’s frustration had mounted throughout the party as she and her sadistic partner Master Ares treated some of my lucky slaves to a sexy show at my Hanwell Towers premises. Both of them had joined me for an afternoon of mistreating the subbies who had booked for some triple male and female domination and suffering at our skilled and experienced hands.

Like all my multi-day parties, the day zoomed past in a whirl of sex and sadism that revved everybody up towards Liza’s much-delayed climax. Among the many highlights I remember are that not a drop of watersports champagne was wasted, that there was a lot of forced-bi cock-sucking and some impressive spunk spraying by Master Ares over our eager subbies’ faces. Each party-goer had his oral technique judged by Master Ares who then handed over the most feeble cock-suckers to Liza and I for punishment. At one stage, we two women both donned strap-on cocks and rammed them into different slaves, competing to see who could induce the highest-pitched moans from their tormented bodies; such fun (for us)

I also recall the fact that one subbie got more than he bargained for when we fitted a dildo cock-gag into his mouth. I think he thought that he was going to be fortunate enough to use it on one of the Mistress’s pussies but was so disappointed when I pointed him towards another slave’s waiting rear passage. I also now know that although you might not think you can fit four people on one whipping bench… you can!

The finale to the day was a Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum experience for two slaves who sat in full leather harnesses, hanging from suspension bars and with their hands tied to each other’s legs. They were both gagged, hooded but allowed to see, and joined with nipple clamps and, tied balls. In front of their eyes stood Fetish Liza, straddling a seated Master Ares who was busily engaged in licking deep into her bottom-hole. After hours of holding back her climax, Liza let herself go with a Magic Wand vibrator orgasm that racked her body, dragged a guttural moan from deep down in her body and flooded her juices across Master Ares chest. He had a struggle to hold her as her orgasm rolled on and on and on.

I had, in the meantime, kept myself busy by using an identical wand on one of the bound slaves and was pleased when I managed to force him to his orgasm in perfect synchronicity with Liza. It was a fitting end to a fun day: slave and Mistress both getting wet and sticky as they enjoyed simultaneous orgasms – though naturally not together!

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