Mummification Breakthrough

Jul 2, 2012

The following is a true-life case file, with a genuine and serious medical issue that the nursing team here have been able to successfully resolve foe one grateful patient.

Welcome to the clinic. Your referral letter explains your distressing medical problem:  that you have been unable to climax in any way, other than masturbation at your own hand. You are obviously a suitable case for treatment at my Hanwell facility. Phase One of the cure is to secure your hands in mittens above your head and stretch you up in the suspension room. That allows my assistant nurse, Sherry, and myself full access to dress you head to foot in sexy lingerie, corset, heels and panties, before teasing you mercilessly with Sherry’s special treatment for your cock and balls. It may be necessary during the course of this teasing for you to watch closely as Sherry repeatedly applies her glossy red lipstick in between each round of her special oral attentions. I’ve found in the past that individually shrink-wrapping each of your limbs, and then mummifying you completely inside tight plastic wrapping and parcel tape can have a beneficial effect in cases such as yours. The cure works even better once you’ve been additionally encased in my neoprene sleep-sack.

Phase Two takes the same concept to the ultimate extreme as Nurse Sherry and I strap your shrink-wrapped body down on the body board and begin adding layer after layer of rubber sheets and more tape to cut you off completely from the outside world.  All of these rubber layers wrapped around the body board will ensure that the aroma of latex is overpoweringly strong as you breathe through the only tiny air hole left open around your nostrils. There is one area still left untended, however, your head still needs more and more layers of  tape tightly wrapped around, on top of your blindfold and ear pads.  Now, with the incessant pumping of the Venus wanking machine and the skilled application of my all-powerful, magic-wand vibrator, we finally have a cure. A spurting climax that, for the very first time in your life, doesn’t come from your own, overused, wanking hand.

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