Mummy Wants His Mummy

Sep 3, 2015

 What better way to recover from a hectic party weekend than to relax in the dungeon today, taking one of my slaves to the edge of his limits over and over again by playing on his deepest fears whilst he’s helplessly trapped in a leather body bag and floating above the floor in my suspension room! It offered hours of endless fun … for me that is. I’ve long known that this subbie suffers from claustrophobia and has a morbid fear of having his head trapped, so when he asked me to show him how scared he could be in a ‘No Mercy’ session, there was no better way than to get out the industrial strength clingfilm and start wrapping.

With him already dressed in a rubber hood, collared inside a leather body bag with multiple straps ensuring he could not move a muscle, I could sense his terror mounting as he heard the familiar sound of a clingfilm roll being wrapped round and round and round his body. By the time I started wrapping his head, leaving just a suitable-sized air hole for him to breathe, or for me to apply medication, he was whimpering and close to crying. As an added refinement, I decided to lean close to his muffled head and whisper a few scary details of how much more bondage he was going to have to endure for my pleasure. He knew that he would only be released when I was satisfied that he had truly reached his limits and was, very humiliatingly, begging for his mummy (or anyone) to come and release him from his leather and clingfilm sarcophagus.

Of course, In Hanwell Towers, no-one can hear you scream, but in the end I decided to move him on to my medical suite for the second part of the session’s fun and games: a prolonged and deep fisting session where his anal capacity was tested to the full. On the medical bench, with his pesky balls tied up and separated and stretched out of the way, I packed his rear with heavy-duty lube and worked my fist deep inside. I have a long-term project with this slave to insert my arm deeper into his body each time he is fisted, and it took a while before I was satisfied that we had achieved the day’s objective. All that remained was a few strokes with the Magic Wand vibrator for my subbie to prove how very excited he had been by the whole affair and how grateful he was to have survived my cruel intentions… till next time!

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