My Releases with Mistress Miranda - An Account..

Jan 5, 2015

Since my earliest days as a submissive, sessioning with the long-since-retired, Mistress Fiore of Bayswater, I have been instructed and encouraged that my orgasms were only to be granted at my Mistress’ instruction. Masturbation was okay, even encouraged - up to edging – but never orgasm. But releases were only to be had at Mistress’ behest. I have continued the same practice with Mistress Miranda. My orgasms over the last 12 months have only ever occurred in Hanwell Towers. This may partly explain my frequent visits, sleepless nights, and high levels of continual sexual frustration. At the hands of Mistress Miranda, I wanted to share some of Mistress Miranda’s techniques for allowing me to orgasm at the conclusion of our sessions. These tend to take place in the medical room, dressed in latex, bound down to the gynae chair, legs akimbo. Usually with the rubber hood or gas mask enclosing me. The Serious Kit Milker This is a wonderful device. If they could make this smaller and portable, they would sell millions! Mistress places this over my cock and then starts a lube feed and a gentle suction which draws the tube down onto me. Then this device starts a magical stroking process, set to very slow (due to my high degree of sensitivity and excitement). This lubricated stroking is simultaneously gentle and firm. And warm. Mistress is generally now treating me her breath play and fisting me deeply. I think I can enjoy this masturbation for ever. But then slowly, the gripping seems to be more intense, and my cock engorges further, thus increasing the pressure. And I know I can no longer postpone the inevitable. Another 10 strokes, and my orgasm overwhelms me. But the machine continues – as does Mistress. And it’s so gentle that I can carry on. The usual post-orgasmic over-sensitivity is replaced with sensual stroking. And soon I find myself stiff again. Mistress Miranda drifts back into my consciousness again “You came, didn’t you?” she enquires. I nod my head and we carry on until I can take no more! The Hitachi Magic Wand This device is well known for its ability to extract an orgasm out of any lady! But it works just as well on men. As we approach the end of our marathon session, Mistress Miranda starts applying this to the underside of the head of my cock – but just for 5 seconds. And then away for 20 seconds. Each time she does this, she is drawing me closer to orgasm. And each time she extends the “away” time to allow my senses to recover and to further crave the orgasm that I desperately need. She plays this trick on me for seemingly 10-15 minutes, before allowing my release. Which after this tease and denial torment is of course overwhelming. I strain against the leather straps as I will every part of my body to enjoy the immensity of the orgasm. The Experienced Hand This generally requires Sherry to be administering breath control sensations and to be tempting me with her undercarriage as she kneels astride of my head. I feel I am completely floating above the medical chair, my head befuddled , but lust raging through me. Mistress Miranda is deeply fisting me with one hand, punching in and out of my now slack hole. The other hand assists with the engorged erection, hammering the pain sensations to aid in my abstinence, oh to dream of the joys of release....not yet she warns. At this stage, the breath game is tempered to aid my concentration to mere composure, easing back down to earth, as Mistress Miranda increases the pressure and vigour of work. Sherry bears down on my mouth dripping her juices onto my tongue, resulting in an explosion which wipes me out for minutes afterwards. Bookmark and Share
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