My second session with Mistress Miranda by...

Nov 18, 2013

I headed into Hanwell Towers only a week after my 1st visit.  Mistress had so skilfully abused me that I had to return as soon as possible.  The only reason that I had not returned quicker was that various sensitive parts of my body had to heal completely before they could tolerate more abuse!
Mistress led me straight upstairs and watched while I stripped and then donned, at Mistress’s instruction, latex suspender belt, and the matching latex stockings and basque – I looked quite the beginner tranny as I caught a glance in the mirror.

Mistress marched me downstairs to the Medical Room, where within minutes I was well strapped down into the gynae chair, with a huge sense of trepidation, but also a welcome and willing submission and trust in Mistress.  She pulled out a length of cord and soon my cock and balls were trussed up like a chicken, my cock was pulsing with desire and longing.  The blindfold was pulled securely over my face, and I was left in darkness, wondering fearfully what was to happen next – Mistress grasped my cock firmly - “This is just to relax you and calm your nerves as we start – we’re going to start gently, and work our way upwards”.

It felt like I was floating above the bed as fingers began to intrude my slutty arse, within minutes, I felt Mistress’s knuckles pushing through and I groaned with lust as her fist was fully embedded up my colon.  More time was spent thoroughly stretching me out until my arse was gaping open and Mistress’s fist was slipping in and out like a hand into a glove. 
I was crying with delirium and happiness as Mistress’ sub/switch, Sherry joined us.  She leaned over me to check my bindings to the bench, teasing me with her breasts millimetres above my head which sent me into a lustful delirium. Mistress soon had Sherry gloved up and attacking my now wide open hole, Mistress started comparing nipple clamps, working out which would provide the most appropriate level of pain to mix with the anal pleasure I was experiencing.  She placed those tiny jaws over my nipples very gently, but they bit into the soft flesh and I was biting my lips to hold myself back. The impact on my cock was immediate as I started to leak pre-cum. “Look what’s happening to the slut’s cock” Sherry commented as she started to gently wank it with her spare gloved hand. “Careful with that, don’t give him too much pleasure – he is very sensitive, and we’ve got two more hours of play” Mistress replied.  “The slave is looking thirsty” Mistress declared, she had pulled her panties to one side as I caught a glimpse of Mistress’s pubis – and she started filling the jug for me.  I was slowly fed her champagne, little by little, loving the flavour knowing that it passed from Mistress’ most precious body to me.

The rest of the evening is a bit of a blur of enormous butt plugs, electricity, Sherry’s bottom in my face and a gruesome amount of nipple torture.  However Mistress pushed one of my biggest boundaries of playing with sounds.  My previous experience of this years ago, under the beautiful hands of Mistress Fiore (sadly now long-since retired) had not worked well for me. But Mistress assured me that this time it would be fine – just a question of trust.  She was, of course, correct. I was inflicted with that sweet, slightly stingy pain of the sound that was dropped down (and slowly pulled back up, and then dropped down again) my throbbing cock – but well distracted by Sherry’s thighs across my thighs.  It wasn’t long before I had electricity pulsing through my urethra to the surface of my cock, and then swinging around to my butt and up my arse. What an amazing re-introduction to this uniquely different torment.
The last maybe 20 minutes of our session had Mistress playing with my senses - taking me to places I’ve never been to before. Sherry was stretching me out even further with both hands up my slutty arse, and then leaning over to tease my condomed cock with her tongue.  Mistress was like a conductor of a symphony orchestra playing with me and directing Sherry as my orgasm grew from nowhere to explosion over minutes.  I flew as I orgasmed. The nearest thing to an out-of-body experience that I have ever experienced.

As I showered and towelled myself down with the fluffiest towels I have seen since I last stayed at a 4 Seasons hotel, I was already mentally checking my calendar to find my next available date to visit.  I am smitten and in lust!

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