Needs Met

Feb 12, 2013

When a slave comes to me for the first time, it’s a bit of a chocolate box of experiences (hence suggesting a 2-3 hour session) but I do realise that some people just do not always have the time or the stamina for such a bout of pleasure and delight. Such was the case with my subbie tonight who wanted one thing and one thing alone; milking of epic proportions. I say epic as alas my subbie could only manage a late session and thereby limiting his time to an hour limited his choices of games. Luckily for him I had my planning cap on and a session based in one place (the medical room) made sense.

Trying out a new device can often have mixed result in the sense that the ‘denial game’ is difficult to predict as the exuberance of the first meet, the heightened arousal of the situation and the realisation of fantasies can lead to obvious explosions of the genital area at just about the wrong moment so care has to be taken to read body language to draw out this inevitable conclusion. I decided that a ‘serious kit milker’ experience was the first port of call as its slow pace can ensure a real tease and ‘mood starter’. As everything is kitted up and set out ready to rock, a change of attachment was extremely easy. With this chance comes a variation on a theme. Alas I didn’t have time to explore the electro attachments on this occasion as I wanted to move swiftly onto the venus machine.

The venus machine is a much simpler version of milker, however its advantage is that it goes a lot faster that the Serious kit. However, it does not have the sophistication of the lube feed and other intrinsic paraphernalia but it does certainly pack a punch. I had to very carefully move the speed to adjust the excitement levels and put my slave under a watchful controlled eye.

Just to add an icing to the cake, a Hitachi wand sealed the deal, who can resist such a powerful thing? Bang on cue, my slave exploded and all was right again in his world.

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