Negotiating a Fuck Hole

Jul 19, 2013


Having a human fuck hole to train, stretch and abuse always presents a fascinating and never simple challenge. There are so many factors to consider. Firstly, you have to apply the relevant bondage to ensure total and immediate compliance. Naturally possessing a myriad of bondage appliances that leave no room for negotiation is a must. Attention then has to be paid to other 'suitable areas of persuasion' such as the nipples, cock or balls, to calculate how these may best be used as encouragement factors to help the fuck hole focus on the task at hand.... its total submission.
I'm often asked 'what's in it for you mistress?' 'What do YOU get out of a session?' Well a question such as that does not really apply to me: my enjoyment of working a slave up the ladder of training, using all my tools of the trade, speaks for itself. The greatest reward of all - the icing on my personal cake - is hearing the words: 'Mistress that was the best session I've had in years,' burst forth from a happy and well-trained submissive's lips.
Using a fuck hole to its optimum potential takes time. A series of 'Interludes' within each session allow the necessary 'regrouping' of a slave's mind for it to work out to how best it may serve me. I like to allow it to view the light at the end of the tunnel with the prospect of possible breaks in the action. These occasional reminder 'why' its here, 'how' it can serve' enhance the reasoning behind my layering effect and do indeed bring out the servile side of the most successful and powerful men on the planet. Taking the reins is a natural thing for me. And that sometimes required 24/7 dedication. 'Yes,' I have on occasions been accused of 'taking my work home with me'' but surely this is a bonus, don't you think?

Giving realistic but challenging goals at the same time provides a 'target' for the fuck hole to understand the direction in which it needs to progress. After all even submissive men need reminding of the focus that their 'top' has in store.
Liberal lubrication of both the oral and anal orifices improve the flexibility of acceptance; making it clear that there is no other way than to please your mistress by coping with the effort and challenge you face. Where would the fun be in starting out full pelt and breaking the slave down within 2 minutes?  I know I can do that, but that is never my intention. You get far more bang for your bucks by working up in stages. My  slaves quickly learn, however, that there is no such thing as a rest period with me. There are only brief interludes when my attention switches to other areas which will also, of course, steadily working their way up the pain scale) work wonders. I find, in particular, that the fuck holes work better with the occasional momentary withdrawal from being impaled. 

Two hours flies by, but like all good things the play must eventually come to an end. Today there is no attempt at a final release, the fuck hole has been used, stretched, violated and need no further reward, other than to know his mistress is pleased....however next time.....

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