New and Foreign Recruits

Feb 24, 2012

There is nothing like introducing a new slave to my dungeon, especially one who has spent many an hour studying my site, viewing my clips and has a definite idea about what should be contained in the session. Of course, I always like to amend, twist and turn things a bit (well it is MY PEROGRATIVE AFTER ALL). 3 hours sounds a lot but when you have rubber in full swing, impaling (suspended and lowered onto dildos), medical bondage, sounds, anal electrics to fit, it's surprising how time is always against me. However, it was great to have the time to cover all those areas with my newest recruit.

Its also nice seeing someone on return to the UK after a few years absence. I never forget a face (BUT usually forget a session!! Sorry) and my foreign visitor was a welcome returnee to Hanwell Manor. I obviously had to give him a session to remember, caged, stretched boot worship....go on stretch, to show me you want them....ok so your balls are tied and wrenched backwards, deal with it......and finally a double gas mask. Enjoy your flight home slave, somehow I think the after effects of the anal electrics will be a gentle reminder of my work lol....

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