New Arrival

Jan 11, 2015

I do so love meeting and sessioning with old friends and my many loyal clients, but there is a special frisson that comes over me when I meet a new sub for the first time and find he has something about him that I haven't encountered before. That was the case this week when a new slave arrived at my Hanwell premises wearing a strict metal chastity belt that I had seen before on the internet but have never dealt with 'in the flesh,' so to speak. This clever device looks a little like a metal thong, but has arse access as well, and has the effect of flattening the cock into virtual non-existence, pulling it out of reach, flush and flat to the body and ensuring that sexual contact is all but impossible. This client had requested an open-ended session, but with the focus on imprisonment in my secure Cell Block with his body wrapped and secured with a host of locking, inescapable chains. I started his session by putting him in a strait jacket and using my best 'Strict Mistress' voice to verbally bend him to my will. I love having this ability to simultaneously fuck with a subbie's brain and his body. I soon had the wretch locked upright into my floor-standing cage, chained, helpless and blindfolded to fully appreciate the bizarre sensation of his cage being hoisted up into the air, through the ceiling hatch entrance to my cell block, before he was led to a padded cell where no chink of light, sound or outside help can ever intrude. In this den of despair he was then shackled with multiple padlocks to his neck, hands and feet and left in a hogtie position with everything bolted to the cell floor. I left him there to dwell on his total isolation, hearing perhaps the distant sound of occasional footsteps and wondering if there were other domme females, or a sub girl who might be called upon to tease him? His release later was in fact no release at all: just a transfer to Cell Two where he was left shackled in a sitting position with heavy metal ball mitts ensuring his hands could not stray and there was no chance of excape. After that I threw him into Cell Three with the addition of a vibrator strapped to the outside of his chastity device and left on its lowest speed to tease and deny him pleasure he was by now craving. With what he believed was the end of his session time, he must have thought that his imprisonment sentence was soon coming to an end... but I had other ideas. It was fun to totally ignore him for ages, leaving him alone and suffering way past his original release time. That is, I'm afraid, what you may get when you dare to enter Cell Black M; time no longer has any real meaning in there. All good things do (eventually) come to pass, however, and the finale was for me to tease him to the max, taking him to the very edge but no further - then letting him leave with merely the memory of my voice to haunt his future nightmares - and his dreams. A Miranda Gaol sentence well served. Bookmark and Share
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