New Years Eve

Dec 31, 2012

New Years Eve and your Mistress has been up since 6am, No I’ve not wet the bed, NO I’ve not forgot to turn off my alarm. Instead, I’ve been busy updating, planning and organising my site plus musing on the start of 2013 and what it will bring. I’ve announced my Party Date for January and the upcoming Incarceration plans for a day in February but what fetish fun and frolics have I indeed been up to? The answer my dear subbies is not a great deal over Christmas! This lack of ‘hands on fun’ has had the fortunate/unfortunate effect of having some real frustration issues. Imaging plugging a dam with a temporary seal, eventually it will explode with an almighty bang and this I fear will be January. Dare you session with such a kinky perverse Mistress who wants to tease manipulate and destroy you all in one foul swoop? I fear for your well being both mental and physical after such an encounter. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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