No Escape

Sep 22, 2012

There were scenes of high drama at Hanwell Towers this week as one of my most dangerous prisoners slipped some of his shackles and temporarily escaped to roam loose around the building. While there was never any danger of him getting free into the real world, the wretch did manage to find his way into the adjacent Cell Block M, where many of my long-term slaves are stored in bondage until I decide exactly how they should suffer for their sins.

The escaped Captain Stains (he has been promoted from his ‘Seaman Stains’ status of earlier television days) managed to open the door to one of the ‘wet’ cells where a particularly submissive and terrified slave had been held on punishment duties for the previous 24 hours. The incarcerated prisoner had already been butt fucked several times that day, at my command, by other slaves, and was awaiting a thorough watersports soaking from me in this cell, where the custom designed shower room floor allows easy cleaning after multiple drenchings with my house champagne.

This could have been a disaster: one rampant and frustrated Captain, and one helplessly bound, already arse-sore, hooded and suffering slave, who had his hands in bondage mittens and was shackled by a metal collar to the many secure fixing points on the walls and floor of the cell block.  For a moment I feared the worst, expecting that there would be juices all over the ceiling as the escaped man forced his frustrated member into his new cellmate’s helpless body.  But, luckily, I arrived on the scene in time to stop the worst of the Captain’s perversions.  Like all men, he responded instantly to my strict words of command and allowed himself to be led back to his own dungeon room for some thorough punishment at my hands.

Investigating afterwards, I realised what a lucky escape my blindfolded slave had endured. He reported that he had been sexually teased by the Captain’s fingers, and had expected to be made to suck his cock. In fact, however, the escaped felon had contented himself with delivering a few light slaps to the cock and balls, and to soaking his captive with ice cold water from the cell’s attached shower head.  Compared with many of the tortures available in my dungeons, he got off lightly – unlike the Captain whose training resumed later to teach him that escape is never an option when a slave has committed himself to my tender care.

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