No Prisoners

Feb 23, 2013

 That well-known Oscar Wilde quote: “I can resist everything except temptation,” always rings so true to me when a close Mistress friend tempts me with the prospect of a horny day, double-domming a selection of willing subs in front of the camera. Such was the case when the delightful Mistress Rouge asked me to join her at her new Birmingham dungeon to torment new slaves in new surroundings. The experience turned out to be more enjoyable than I could possibly have imagined, with scenes ranging from birthday-beatings through to naughty schoolboys and girls earning their cane strokes by competing to be the naughtiest child in the class. Along the way, my anal speculum got stretched to its limits and another impressive-sized, anal toy was inserted, bit by bit, into the parts of a slave where the sun doesn’t shine.

The day began with a medical scene in which Mistress Rouge and I were jointly treating one of her slaves, and one of mine, in adjacent beds in the A&E department. Our ”Anal Emergency” department was where we were trying to discover what implements our unfortunate patients might each have inserted into their own rectums. I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed that my colleague’s well-trained sub seemed to accept every anal intrusion with equanimity and good-mannered silence, whilst my slave showed me up by whinging and whining with every new finger I squeezed into his bottom. Honestly, from the noise he was making you would think that the aptly-named Rimmer had never had my fist ramming its way past his anal sphincter before! His behaviour slightly improved when I opened up the speculum to show my friend how easily we mistresses could gain access to the deepest recesses of any sub’s body. It was interesting to note that his prostate seems full to overflowing after just a week-and-a-half of my chastity regime: I wonder what he will feel like when (or if) I finally allow a milking to occur?

Our next adventure saw us both giving a birthday caning treat to one of Mistress Rouge’s most loyal and long serving subs. It seemed fitting to match the number of strokes to his age – but slightly unfortunate for him that he has just celebrated his 80th birthday. His little face beamed with pleasure when I told him I would voluntarily add my own recent birthday age, 39-years-young, to the mix, which of course added up to the grand total of 167 strokes! I thought for a moment that one of my stupid subs was going to question my mathematical abilities but fortunately for them, they decided to agree with my sums and the punishment fun duly proceeded apace. We eased the discomfort for our brave subbie by letting another slave push his eager cock into his mouth as the caning continued, and even gave him a small break in the middle while we supervised a little slave 69 action on the dungeon room floor.

The hours flew by in a haze of happy bi-action from our subs and a little reflection time for my own recalcitrant slave when my friend and I encouraged him into a bare, locked, highly-claustrophobic cell so that he could recover in peace and quiet from our assault of his nether regions. I was pleased to see that when I looked through the tiny grill in his cell door I could see him rocking and moaning slightly, like the caged ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ animal I wish him to become. It is so pleasing when a naughty sub’s torment starts to have the planned serious effect on his psychological wellbeing.
The end highlight of the filming session, which will soon be posted on my company site, saw Mistress Rouge and I take charge of the world’s most unruly bunch of adult skoolie ‘kids,’ in our well-equipped classroom location set. As Headmistress, I was appalled to learn that the teacher Mistress Rouge had been plagued by bad behaviour by our slaves, despite her best efforts to impart a little learning and culture to their sorry lives. I helped my teacher friend to conduct a maths and geography test on the blackboard but the standard of answer was dreadfully poor that we were forced to apply some drastic disciplinary action. The worst boy and the most slutty girl were called to the headmistress’ office for caning on hands and spanking of bottoms. Then we decided that a little blackmail material might ensure these grown-up subs would behave more appropriately in the future. We soon had the ‘girl’ sub on her knees sucking off her ‘boy’ friend on camera. Something tells me they will be model students in the future at my Hanwell Academy for the Perverted Arts

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