Not A Day To Remember

Jan 23, 2013

 What started out as a busy day from hell finished very differently than expected when my clients started dropping like flies (thankfully not literally on my doorstep) but it seems a bout of freak occurrences’ have stopped male submission in its path. Never let it be said that I have missed an opportunity to get on top of those all-important paperwork and phone call essentials to keep my 2 businesses afloat. It never ceases to amaze me that the simplest thing, be it an account query, payment or customer service enquiry seems to take 30-40 minutes as being plunged into a telephonic abyss from hell is the norm. Regardless of this fact I’ve managed to get all the paper filed, the calls completed, transfers done and to top it all dipped into my editing only to find that I’ve been getting extremely carried away filming and managed to miss a few necessary scenes that I’m now in need of footage for (see main site for details).

Alas this is not a blog of perversion as (other than becoming a raven haired Goddess) there has been little in the way of kink delight. Ok admittedly, I may have sent a few perversities to a certain slave, I may have hunted twitter for friskier fetish divas but apart from that, a day with ones ear to a telephone hasn’t been quite as it should. The good news is I have a rather exciting session coming up soon, watch this space for details.

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