Notes from Patient X

Feb 4, 2012

Dealing with a 'violent mind' is a Hanwell Clinic Speciality, and luckily for my patient, he has been caught and returned to the institute for some serious reprogramming (6 hours in fact). On arrival the session started straight away with an immediate removal and confiscation of clothes. The rules were explained "Your nurses are here to get you well again, You are to speak when spoken to, you must be respectful at all times, nurses are not to be objectified and sexual enjoyment must not be gained from the invasive treatments". Of course, dangerous patients have to be spoken to very slowly, reassured at all times and above all RESTRAINED. This restraint can take some time, carefully positioning the patient on the bench in a high level (level 8 out of 10) security jackets. Additional collars, hoods, masks, ropes, straps etc will be added on top to move the jacket to a 'Level 9'. Shrink wrap placed on legs over rubber surgical stocking and callipers ensure no escape and then the cleansing of impurities starts.
With regular medication, attendance and continual verbal coaxing, the 'violent mind' is steadily calmed to a relaxed acceptance state. Here the brainwashing starts, as we have to remove the incorrect sexual stimulus and replace it with a calmer, relaxed controlled mental level. Nurse Sherry, a 'penile nurse', fully versed in all aspects of penile manipulation attended to help with this particularly difficult patient. Her close examination, and further oral interrogations proved very effective at sedating and calming this patient in turmoil.

The final stages of the treatment involved the inclusion of the 'nova pro' before the vileness of will was efficiently and remotely drained via the Venus machine. 6 hours flew by, however the worry that these intense feelings return in this patient’s troubled self and a more intensive day case of treatment may well be required.

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