Nurse Despair

Apr 3, 2014

 Welcoming a new patient to the clinic is always a delight, especially when the male in question is in need of my specific brand of niche latex therapy. Added to this joy is the request for prolonged slow stimulating but frustrating times on the serious kit milker and Venus machine. Throw into the mix the request for a latex anesthesia nurse and voila, the scene is set for nurse Despair to make an appearance. Charged with the care of particularly difficult individuals, this no nonsense nurse knows exactly what her patients need and refuses to back down when these troubled souls fight the mask.

Nurse Despair has years of practice at spotting when a patient is resisting correct inhalation and expiration methods. This patient did make a feeble attempt to cut corners using shallow breathing techniques, but nurse despair is fully versed in spotting these shortcuts.

"I'm watching you, don't try to fight the inevitable" she warns, "no one is coming to get you, no one will come rushing to your aid, its just you and me in this room and if you wish to leave it and get back to your life, I expect you to do as your told, listen to instructions and follow them to the letter, or else..."

Of course, nurse Despair is only brought out for the more challenging patients and wobetide those who arrive with a reputation for touching the student nurses in an inappropriate manner.

Stepping back for a moment, it seems a good time to mention my brand new rubber outfit, a birthday gift from a client courtesy of House of Harlot. Fully fashioned in green rubber this long length, long sleeved high collar ensomble is not everyone's cup of tea becaue, with matching scrub's hat it's probably the most flesh covering of uniforms. But as I'm always a sucker for latex, it seemed the perfect opportunity to take it on its maiden voyage

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