Nurse Despair

Sep 30, 2015

Ok.. I admit it: sometimes 'Nurse Despair,' my alter ego at the Hanwell Medical Clinic, can be a very evil woman indeed. I could not help laughing at the torment I was able to inflict on one of my eager patients this week when he arrived for a full anal check-up. I started by stretching his rear exit with a variety of pump-up toys and then made a big deal out of putting on my long clinical latex gloves and carefully lubing them up so that he was left in no doubt as to where they were about to be inserted.

Once Nurse Despair started on the full and invasive internal examination, the patient was allowed to watch himself on the medical room's large video screen, seeing my hand snake back and forth, turning him into a human glove puppet for my amusement. Inside his rear my hand was alternately expanding and releasing as the number of fisting pumps continued and I mixed-up differing widths and depths of his anal treatment.

As a complimentary part of his examination, his nurse inserted a series of electro-sounds, growing bigger and bigger each time, all of them watched closely by the patient on the wall-mounted video screen. Of course I could not also miss the opportunity to increase his frustration levels and torment him even further by also playing a selection of shots from the vast number of videos on my club membership site. All in all it was a very satisfactory medical procedure - for me - and made all the more enjoyable by the opportunity to have a good laugh at my patient's expense.

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