Oil Change

Oct 20, 2013

My skills in intricate bondage and long, slow torment can easily bend, and finally break, any slave to my will but once in a while it’s fun to ring the changes and simply fuck with a slave’s mind in the most basic way possible: by appealing to his overfull balls and his overwhelming lust for his Mistress.  Such was the case when I realised that one of my loyal, owned slaves was dribbling and drooling and having trouble even carrying on with a coherent conversation at Hanwell Towers the other day. He was showing all of the signs that the intense sexual frustration, which I maintain in all of my owned slaves, was starting to interfere with the operation of his admittedly-limited, limited brain-cell capacity. This particular subbie does require regular milking in order to be ‘fit for purpose’ in his endless quest to be of service to the Mistress with whom he is utterly, and rightly, besotted. Although sometimes it is amusing to watch men being teased, tormented and frustrated to the point of near-insanity, I also need this one to be in working order to fulfil all of the endless domestic and administrative tasks which I expect from him each day.


‘Ok,’ I thought to myself. ‘I’ve got a busy, busy day; but I need to find a little time to service this slave and get his engine running smoothly again.’ I liken the process to having a regular oil change in my car; you can put it off for a while but if you leave it too long then eventually the system just clogs up and you end up with an unreliable vehicle that lets you down. Now, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t dream of dealing with any submissive without a decent length of time in which to explore their minds, dig deep into their fantasy worlds and find precisely the buttons I can push to start their training process as I mean to go on. The more time we have together, the more rewarding the session will usually be. On this occasion, however, I needed to deal with my faulty slave in the quickest and most efficient way possible. ‘Get your clothes off NOW,’ I demanded. ‘Get an electric plug in your arse straightaway… and get ready for a milking.’


As the realisation that he might be allowed a rare sexual release dawned in my slave’s feeble mind, it was interesting to see the mixed look of puzzlement and fearful delight appear in his eyes. He knew I was going to make him suffer, he knew this was going to be a rapid and intense experience, but he could no more have resisted me than he could fly to the moon.  Moments later, I had him strapped down on the medical bench with a Venus wanking machine pumping his cock and with the electric butt-plug fucking in a rapid, wave pattern deep in his arse.  I gave him just a few minutes of that pain and pleasure medley before dragging him rapidly into the suspension room and using a range of leather straps to immovably fix his legs, impossibly far apart, across my bondage throne. 


Normally I take a lot of pride in the way that I can slowly bring a man, step by step, up the ladder of pain and pleasure that will inevitably lead him to a shattering climax, or – if I so choose - to the deep disappointment of a ruined orgasm or sexual tease and denial. On this day, I just didn’t have time for such fun.  I knew the key to draining my owned slave was tapping into the perverted fantasies that constantly roll around in his sewer of a mind.  A few filthy suggestions from me, a few whispered words describing what naughtinesses I might allow him to watch in the dungeon in the weeks to come, and he was soon begging for release. Then it was out with the powerful magic Wand vibrator and ’voila’  a full draining of all his man-filth in one easy movement. 


With the job done and my slave serviced, I could go about my day’s business content in the knowledge that he would be back in full working order.  His first task?  Oh… that was, of course, licking clean the rubber floor on which he had just deposited a considerable quantity of spunk. At least I knew that now his oil had been changed, he wouldn’t miss the tiniest drop.

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