Ooops...There Goes My Nettles

Sep 2, 2012

I’d been contacted to film for a mainstream channel to give my opinion on the weather and what effects it’s had on my business. It has been the wettest June on record for 100 years and this has had a surprising effect on the nettle crop. Most people look out into their gardens and think ‘oh crap, weeds’, not me! In fact I’m the sort of girl who will pass on the flowers but nettles, now you’re talking my language.

Anyone who knows my style of shooting will know, we are very minimal in the way of lights, just one camera operator and away we go. However, cross into the mainstream channels and the kit that comes along would be an absolute nightmare for me to deal with. A room full of cameras, lights, mics and paraphernalia meant there was barely space for me and my slave. Imagine the problems the sound man had in fitting a mic and receiver to yours truly in the tightest micro mini skirt, revealing electric blue rubber bra and corset. It’s little short of a miracle we all fitted; however after 2 hours of filming (probably for less than a minute in the programmes entirety) I hope that all looks good. Now where is a make-up artist when you need one!

One little aside which is a piece of advice, not sure how useful it will be to you but it will certainly stay with me for a while, never shave your legs 5 mins before filming with a cheap razor, having various sited shaving mishaps that bleed like fury that are incredibly difficult to hide on camera and that is not a recipe for success!

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