Operation Clitoris

Mar 18, 2015


One lucky slave survived the full, dedicated attention of both my slavegirl Sherry and me this week as we tested out his knowledge of female anatomy in our first day devoted to the launch of "Operation Clitoris." This was my attempt to increase the total sum of female happiness by establishing just how much the average male slave knows about the true seat of women's sexual pleasure, and I had decided that there would be both theory and practical tests desiged to stretch our participant to the full, and to give Miss Sherry the good time she deserves for all the hardship she frequently suffers at my hands in the dungeons at Hanwell Towers.



In preparation for the tests I had drawn an unlabelled but detailed disagram of female genitalia upon which our slave could play a game of 'Pin the tail on the Donkey' with a difference! His task was to precisely place four specific labels on the diagram indicating the position of various parts of the antomy: a) the prepuce of the clitoris b) the labia minora c) the perineum and d) the clitoral shaft itself. Naturally, I had to make it a little bit harder for my slave and so he was blindfolded before the game began. His attempts were better than I had expected and he also did very well in my next theory questions, demanding that he now give a detailed definition of each name on the labels. I did begin to wonder if he had been improperly learnign the answers before the test began but he denied any serious studyand claimed that he was a 1st Aider and therefore knew about human biology.

It was at this point that it all started to go wrong for my slave when little Sherry pointed out that she too was a 1st Aider but that the course had completely omitted any lessons about her clit! He then tried to claim that his family had a medical background and that this had somehow rubbed off on him by teacching him about what lies between a woman's legs. I have to confess that Sherry and I were by now in fits of laughter but completely convinced he was fibbbing up and had been swotting-up for days on the task he knew we had planned for him. The only answer was for a practical examination in which Miss Sherry sat her naked genitalia on his face and demanded that he point out various ladybits with his tongue.

Much hilarity ensured because all I could hear was him mumbling underneath her and her shouting out "WRONG.... WRONG..." with every one of his attempts to touch her in the correct place. At one stage Sherry demanded that he lick her hymen and my slave was rude enough to suggets that she no longer has one! Miss Sherry, whom everyone knows is as virginal and pure as the driven snow, was most offended but eventually let him free from under her bum to receive his final score for the test. I think, all in all, my score of B1 was most fair (certainly not an A-grade student) and he was prepared for his reward.

That consisted of a plethora of wanking and oral pleasure from Sherry, combined with the frequent use of my wanking machine to arouse, tease and frustrate him to the max. In the end he never acheived any sexual release but that was, of course, of no importance to Sherry and I who were far more concerned that the demonstrations and tests had been a success for his educationabout womankind, rather than in producing any sample of male filth that day.


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