Party ala 'Multi Milk Meyhem'

Jan 22, 2013

 Despite being struck down yesterday with the horrid sickness bug, today I was ready to wage war on the world of male frustration and denial. I arrived early and summoned an extra pair or hands to help me rig the various milking machines, mix lube, arrange outfits and hoods and of course start my planning. My extravagant plans had been whittled to be a few, 3 precisely to be wanked, teased and simultaneously frustrated all at the same time. It was a test of British ingenuity (the serious kit milker that Id previously purchased) verses American stable (the long standing Venus 2000 that has been with me for quite a number of years now.

All of my attendees were kitted out in multi coloured rubber. Id arranged the slaves in close proximity, all with electrics to various orifices pounding relentlessly and of course each slave attached to a perfectly fitted milking machine. Pumping away and with a lube feed going, it was quite a task in ensuring that each lube feed was fitted and filled, each tube maintained suction and bounce plus to top it all, making sure none of the fortunate subs was ever indeed close to cumming….after all my plan for allowing an orgasm or two was based on the ‘lucky 7’ scratch cards that decided the fate, would it be mine or their lucky day?

Unlike most parties I’d decided that each sub should be blindfolded throughout, a decision that I now wonder whether it correct; as there will be no way of truly appreciating the ingenuity of the machine marvel that id managed to orchestrate without seeing it with your own eyes. To say there were pipes, wires, electro-boxes, nipple devices, lube feeds etc. all hanging from one slave to the next, I couldn’t help but stand back and imagine all three linked like a Siamese set, almost undistinguishable from each other. Moaning in unison was certainly achieved, coupled with the fact that id lined up some nice and nasty surprises which none of the blindfolded slaves knew whether a) they were next b) whether their contemporaries squeal’s were pleasure of pain and c) whether or not it was indeed possible to be wanked to death, a question that I had posed very early on in the session.

I’m glad that the snowy conditions didn’t hamper the sexual tension, Was it a triple climax??? Did I indeed ruin the orgasms of 3?? It is no secret that my scratch cards did not indeed yield a handsome result? Alas without party attendance on this front you will never know.

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