Patients Need Patience

Sep 4, 2015

It takes time to make the fullest possible use of my extensive medical clinic facilities at Hanwell Towers and sometimes my patients are so eager to experience all that the clinic has to offer that it is a good thing to make them wait a little. That was the case this week when I diagnosed that my slave was getting a little too excited after his first spell in the medical room with Nurse Despair. It was time to teach him the meaning of patience by putting him in the Hanwell, Cell Block M, prison facility for a cooling off period.

To be fair, he had already experienced a considerable number of breath-control games where his treatment involved re-breathing his own air, or his Mistress's air through re-breathing bags, pipes, various restrictions and some challenging lung-capacity tests. Being the kind Mistress that I am, I had allowed him to watch his nurse at work as a visual treat, rather than enclose him fully in one of my all-enveloping hoods; but it was time to rest his eyes

I soon had him hoisted up to the cells, dressed in a restrictive white, Maxcita strait jacket which allowed me to chain him in place in my isolation cell with a suitable instrument in place in his rear to begin his necessary anal expansion. The transportation jacket is quite comfortable but absolutely prevents any hand movement that might allow him to ease his own frustration as his isolation treatment continues. Naturally, I had already put some electrics in place to keep his mind busy with naughty thoughts as the lights were turned out to leave him in darkness, apart from the reassuring company of the faint glow from the electric box that was tormenting him.

When I judged that a suitable time had elapsed, the patient was taken back down to the medical suite for a more teasing regime of sexual frustration. My huge high-definition video screen was soon playing some serious porn perversion films whilst I got to work to excite him repeatedly to the edge of the sexual release he so desired. Of course, he had a great deal of orgasm denial to survive before Nurse Despair finally deemed that the time was right to allow him a little pleasure along with all the pain he had endured.

But had he learned that patience is a virtue, I wondered? The answer was to give him a deadline by which he had to cum - or be sent away in total frustration. His nurse started his final countdown from 10 to one... each number making him more desperate to succeed before his climax time ran out. I'm pleased to report that he just about made the deadline and produced a satisfactory sample in the nick of time.


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