Pedastal - Ride a Cock-Horse

Apr 6, 2012

Complete public humiliation is a vital part of any slave’s advanced training and this week offered me the ideal opportunity to heap some serious public embarrassment on two of my most devoted subbies, whilst at the same time having a thoroughly enjoyable night out at one of my favourite London venues, the femdom fun-and-games at Club Pedastal. Both my slaves demonstrated how very well-trained they are as I tied them up, stretched their cock, balls and nipples, forced them into some complex bi cock-sucking action, soaked them with my watersports and finally made one of them mount an arse-stretching,  vibrating dildo while mounted on the club’s infamous metal horse.  They both behaved perfectly in front of the watching crowd of several hundred club-goers: not, of course, that they ever had the slightest choice in the matter. The consequences of failing to follow my every instruction in such a public forum would have been terrible indeed, and they know better than to ever embarrass their beloved Mistress. Although I say it myself, I was looking particularly stunning in my electric-blue, leather-straps fetish outfit that just about preserves a little modesty and almost covers my most obvious charms. On reflection, I may have gone just a little over the top with the size and girth of the foot-long black rubber strap-on cock that I wore throughout the evening: but it certainly drew some admiring and envious glances. Sometime size does matter. Club Pedastal was filled to overflowing with many of my domme friends and a good crop of submissives desperate to worship at their feet. My first little performance warmed up my slave, Arnold, by placing him inside the Club’s metal ball- cage where he was uncomfortably bent over and secured with nipple clamps before I unzipped his rubber pants and exposed his well-tied cock and balls to public view.  I do enjoy playing with new equipment from time to time and Pedastal’s cage did allow easy access for my stiletto heels to trample and dig into Arnold’s bondaged genitalia to produce some satisfying moans of pain to entertain the audience. At first, I was conscious of the eagerly-watching men and women around me, but I quickly found that I was so absorbed in making my slaves truly suffer for my enjoyment that I forgot all about the crowd. I’ve always believed that if a slave is devoted enough to put their life in my hands, then he or she does deserve my undivided attention while the torment continues. The rest of the evening melted into a blur of pleasurable fun for me and continuing pain and humiliation for my slaves. Among many highlights was forcing a cock-gag into one subbie’s mouth and making him use it to face-fuck another man’s arse. The deeper he fucked, the closer his nose and lips got to his unwilling partner’s arsehole.  Then there was the moment when I pissed from on high into the mouth and over the face of both my subs – and them made one of the lick up all the spillage from the floor. Club pedestal is a welcoming and friendly venue and it was gratifying to receive lots of appreciative comments for the work I put into the evening’s public entertainment. My only regret was that amid all the fun I forgot to put that giant,black strap-on to proper use.  Ancient Samauri warriors had a tradition that if they ever unsheathed their sword, then it had to be used before being sheathed once again – and I feel the same about my strap-on cocks. The only answer was to summons Arnold back to my Hanwell chambers a day later and give his rear the strap-on rogering of a lifetime.  Honour satisfied, I could unstrap my cock, dismiss my slave and head home for a well-earned rest. And so to bed….

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