Pervert Alert

Oct 31, 2013

Phew… what a narrow escape my delightful domme friend Fetish Liza and I had the other evening when a lunatic pervert escaped from our huge cage facility for the sexually insane in the grounds of our luxurious villa and medical facility where we have been having fun in the sun with a succession of slavegirls and boys; all of whom we have been mistreating terribly on our short filming ‘holiday’ in Europe. The pervert in question was roaming the woods naked with just a rubber hood in place. He managed to find his way into the female slave enclosure to attack one of our submissive young ladies tied, equally naked and vulnerable, to her nightime sleeping post. It was only the presence of our security CCTV system that alerted Liza and I to the danger of an unauthorised sexual attack. It is, of course, vital that only we two dommes ever administer sexual torture to our girls; the danger of them becoming used to fingering or cock penetration from our other slaves is that it could totally ruin the training schedules we have prepared for them during lengthy incarceration at our hands. The only downside of the fact that Liza and I habitually wear the highest heeled, thigh-high leather boots is that it made it hard for us to run at full speed to the cage to deal with the situation. Luckily we did manage to arrive in time to prevent a full-scale, unauthorised coupling but it was clear that the pervert and the girl had already been enthusiastically greeting each other with the kinky strokes and licks that serve as a mating ritual among these troubled and perverted species. There was nothing for it but to drag them apart and introduce the girl to the pleasures of deep-throating our own strap-on cocks rather than the inferior male version she had been about to suck. Equally luckily, the entire episode was caught on our security cameras for the future viewing pleasure of clients on my private members’ website. I think they’ll enjoy the girl-on-girl fun that Liza had with her fingers in the slavegirl’s pussy whilst I kept her in pain with some lipstick – and teeth – torment on her nipples. Once the girl was dealt with properly then it was time to turn our attention to the pervert escapee. This is a sad case; he is mostly incoherent and barely able to do more than grunt, drool and wank (which on reflection is a good name for any firm of solicitors, is it not?) He is clearly in need of severe training but on this occasion we contented ourselves with getting the slavegirl to give him a long, slow handjob with our strict instructions that he should not produce any man-filth until he had our permission to cum. Amazingly, he did manage for once to follow orders and we planned his final climax perfectly so that the spunk he produced squirted neatly into the slavegirl’s leather-gloved hands in order that she could spread it evenly across her breast and nipples. With the crisis averted we were free to resume out normal enjoyment of the villa’s facilities safe in the knowledge that the girl was locked back to her outdoor post for the night and the pervert was once again incarcerated in painful discomfort underground. The pervert alert was, however, only one of the troublesome situations with which we had to deal this day. When Fetish Liza and I ordered afternoon tea in the grounds we were disappointed to find that the slave maids had been letting their standards slip! There we were, requiring refreshment before fucking and fingering yet another young lady tied up on our garden table, when the maid appeared with a grubby rubber uniform. When his fellow male maid also failed to serve the wine in the correct way, we had to take action. One slave found his mouth being used as Fetish Liza’s ashtray while the other came in for some nipple-twisting abuse at my hands. But as I know you will understand, we were anxious to get on with our interrupted girl-on-girl fun with a slavegirl whose pussy juice and mouth-drool were already dripping from each end of her body onto out patio furniture. The answer was to use a fun double gag to fix our male slaves face to face in inescapable bondage standing up in the sun for several hours while Liza and I finished or bi-fun. I could see that by the time we had finished with slavegirl, the maids were getting too hot for comfort. Being the considerate Mistress that I am, I got out the garden hose and blasted them with jets of icy water to cool down their ardour and teach them a lesson they won’t forget in a hurry. Job done all round, I feel. Bookmark and Share
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