Aug 23, 2013

 OH MY GOD, what an absolutely horny, crazy, manic scene I’ve just played out with the aid of sherry and 3 slaves. What’s more my Pink Drink Experiment has reached new erotic heights and I’m so excited about its success that I cannot wait to share it with you. In fact, I’m barely in the door and I’m sitting here putting it down on my pc whilst it’s all so fresh in my mind.

The party started out with equal shares of the latest craze to hit the Hanwell chamber being served up to each attendee. What, I hear you ask is Pink Drink. Basically I’ve been introduced to this sports supplement by a client of mine who is very up to date with the latest health craze and research. Being in the medical field he is extremely knowledgeable and can discuss for hours the bio chemistry aspects to why this particular product works. Needless to say, nothing ventured nothing gained, especially when a bi product of the nitro retainer properties (of up to 8 hours in the circulation) mean that erections are greatly improved. To be honest, the erection part peaks my particular interest of course, however, the product does have a number of weight loss, blood pressure lowering, and migraine reducing properties as well which I believe led my slave to purchase this supplement in the first place. Well, you know me, it’s all about the HARD-ON and the natural control I can exert over it once in place…and queue the party.

Having more than one slave gave me the opportunity to road test the latest addition, the ‘double slave milker’ along with the ‘double slave gag’, what can I say, worked a treat and a half with the Pink Drink coursing through two trapped slaves veins. Both slaves had to use every reserve just to hold back from the first round of early on milking’s. My third sub in the chair was getting the time of his life whilst sherry used and abused his body, tongue and had a vice like grip on the hitachi wand as well, priceless.

Swapping around, rotating the slaves and getting my fist disappearing deep inside a rubber sluts ass was truly magical, especially as this slave managed to climax through no penis stimulation at all, just the pink drink coursing through the veins and my fist intruding inside his neither region’s until an almighty explosion. We weren't even an hour in and the room was electric. Sherry was in a particularly erotic mood, especially as id banned her from climaxing for a few days prior to today to get her juices well and truly flowing. She can be such a good girl….sometimes.

Anyway, more erotic games were played including a ‘winner takes all’ swallowing competition for Sherry’s choice of Slave. I think to sum up a truly memorable whirlwind evening of total reckless abandonment. The floor was literally soooo slippery from a mixture of lube, sweat and a whole lot more I’m not putting down on paper here. 45 min’s of cleaning between 3 people had the place spic and span and ready for my next big adventure

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