Pits of Fury

Jun 15, 2013

I’m often amazed at the lengths that the more perverted members of the inferior (male) gender will go to in order to satisfy their seemingly insatiable need for the scent of pussy juice. Even so, one of my regular slaves surprised even me yesterday by torturing himself in a frenzy of lust in order to get his nose nearer and nearer to the object of his sexual desire. The occasion was the visit of my fellow domme, Miss Kitty Bliss, who bought her blonde Californian slavegirl along with her to Hanwell Towers in order to increase the misery we could together inflict upon a selection of lucky subs brave enough to face the wrath of two experienced Mistresses.

Kitty and I decided to use her slavegirl’s womanly charms to test out how far one of my slaves would push his own torment in search of sexual release. The scene was simplicity itself: we just put the subbie on his hands and knees in my upstairs dungeon and let him gaze up on the latex-clad posterior of her slavegirl as she obeyed our order to bend over and touch her toes. The subbie was promised that if he crawled across the room to her then he could allow his tongue free rein to lick and snuffle at her pussy and arse-crack. Now, I know this slave well and I keep him in a near-permanent state of sexual arousal and frustration. I had a bet with myself that there was pretty much nothing he would not do in order to get his nose between a slavegirl’s bottom cheeks. The more perceptive among you will already have realised however that there was a teeny-weeny catch in our special ‘sniff-some-feminine scent’ offer.

Before the game began, Kitty and I attached a tight leather parachute around my slave’s balls and roped this securely to some of the many fixing points in the dungeon wall. We left him just sufficient rope to crawl to within a few inches of the object of his desire before his cock and balls were stretched back between his legs and he could go no further. It was a complicated formula to work out the length of rope, the distance from sweet-smelling pussy and the coefficient of elasticity of his scrotal-sac, but I think we got the sum about right. With his tongue fully outstretched and pulling his balls to the max, he finally managed to touch the tip to her latex skirt. Now, of course, we were certainly not going to allow Miss Kitty’s slavegirl to be violated by a mere male sub; abusing her body is our job; but it was fun to watch the pain on his face as he pulled ever harder on his poor, tortured bollocks to try and sniff her aroma. When his cries of pain and the drool from his lips finally became offensive to our ears, I brought him to heel with a sharp tug of the rope and we moved on to the next stage of his torment.
This, basically, was a combination of more frustration and a modicum of breath control. Having got so near to slavegirl’s pussy, we decided to teach him that pleasure must always be accompanied by pain. I laid him on his back, secured his arms above his head and ordered slavegirl to sit tightly across his face. The subbie’s new dilemma was that he was now smothered by the object of his desire and from being too far away to enjoy, her pussy was now a little too close for comfort. Kitty’s young lady proved adept at arranging her body so that my slave could not get the faintest breath of air into his lungs. We two dommes amused ourselves by picking random numbers of seconds that he should be smothered so that he never knew precisely how long he would need to try and hold his breath. I think an element of uncertainty does help focus any slave’s mind on how he should behave and worship his Mistress, don’t you?
For our final filmed scene with this subbie – soon to be shown in full HD glory on my members’ club film site – he was laid face down with slavegirl teasing him with glimpses of her full cleavage and her pantyhose-covered pussy whilst Kitty and I busied ourselves with his nether regions. As he dribbled with lust at one end we took turns in selecting bigger and bigger dildoes to stretch open his arsehole. The beauty of arse-pumping with TWO Mistresses is that there are none of those annoying little breaks in proceedings whilst a new toy is being selected. In those moments when I was browsing my vast selection of different sized cocks, Kitty kept up the incessant rhythm of discomfort. Likewise, while she took a break, I was able to ensure that not a moment passed without his rear being well and truly pumped to buggery. It was a treat to see how the constant action, with no hint of even a moment’s relief, reduced even this hardened slave to a whimpering, tearful wreck.

Having broken one slave, Kitty, her slavegirl and I left him caged upstairs whilst we moved on to torture other unfortunate wretches in my suspension room. You will have to watch the films to see exactly what transpired but suffice it to say I was very impressed with my colleague’s strap-on technique after one slave had been warmed up on the fucking machine. Kitty’s and my tag team performance with larger and larger strap-ons was helped by her slavegirl being on constant stand-by to increase our victim’s humiliation and to massage a constant lube supply onto each of our rubber cocks as they emerged from where the sun does not shine. With her assistance we were able to plunge into the slave’s rear over… and over… and over again. Life at Hanwell Towers - just as it should be!

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