Poor Arnold

Jan 4, 2012

Yes poor Arnold got a lot more than he bargained for on arrival yesterday to my dungeon. He has spent the last few months enjoying the excesses of a successful life, wining and dining (and probably 69ing) more women than I care to think about. His lust for life and exuberance has meant one thing, dear Arnold (a frequent visitor to Hanwell manor) has become a tad rotund! Bless him, we all have been enjoying the Christmas period, festive merriment is now long gone and Arnold is being enrolled into Boot Camp 101.

3 hours of torment started in the medical room, with numerous piss enemas, wine enemas and stretching to encourage as much manual evacuation of waste material as possible "This is all for your own good Arnold, and all will be clear to you soon enough". Next, the humiliation of being watched on the toilet, the laughing at the obvious noises and smells that were hitting Nurse Despairs nose, shortly followed by the all important weigh in. "Look Arnold, I've a tape measure, a set of scales and more importantly my eyes, if I don't see a reduction in body fat on each visit, what will follow is....." Arnold has a real fear of being humiliated in public amongst other things. Imagine being cross dressed and forced to a colonic clinic......perhaps ill take him to an underwear shop (women's of course) or better still....as you can imagine when I'm in full flow my imagination knows no bounds and as Arnold knows all too well, expect the terrifying.

So here we are, stage one, the base line measurements have been taken and Arnold is going to go to Boots and get regular body mass (age specific weight printouts). Unlike many programmes like 'the biggest looser', I understand that you can lose inches and not necessarily lose weight, and you can indeed gain weight but lose fat. Therefore, measurements must go hand in hand with scale weigh ins and the printouts will give a more realistic picture of things to come. Will Arnold be joining me in the gym? Your damn right he will if he fails to make improvements on each visit. Non attendance is not a way out, ill simply demand an audience and then behold the gates of dominatrix style hell!

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