Pre-Cum Mania

Sep 21, 2013

What great fun it is to repeatedly tease, vibrate, wank and endlessly deny any orgasm release to a helpless bondage slave’s cock. It’s even better when I have the beautiful Fetish Liza to help frustrate him to boiling point and beyond. That was the dreadful fate that awaited one poor wretch in my dungeon this week as dominatrix Liza and I set about bringing mayhem and lust to the lives of a series of men in my Hanwell premises.  I have had the delight of Liza’s company, staying with me all week, as she has taken London by storm.  Our joint tease and denial session started gently but ended up with my slave so desperate that I truly feared we might between us have tipped him over the edge into a sexual melting point of near-insanity. What a deliciously lovely thought!

The slave’s torment began when I strapped him down to the bondage bench in my upstairs dungeon and quietly informed him of all the delights we had planned for his session. This particular wretch seems to have an insatiable need to empty his balls every couple of days or so, and I had therefore ensured that he had not been wanking or fucking for almost a week before he visited Liza and me.  I could see the desperation in his eyes as I told him that I had designated that day as “The Day of the Pre-cum” and that he would be made to dribble and drool from his cock but that a full squirting was out of the question for hours and hours yet to come. He would have pleaded with me to reconsider, except for the fact that I already had his mouth well and truly gagged to muffle any protest.

Once he was fully secured inside the depths of my leather bondage bag, with just his nipples, cock and balls on display, I set about fulfilling my threats with a gentle teasing stroke that had him wriggling against his bonds.  Prolonged wanking at my skilled hands soon had him thrusting upwards and wanting more, but I was determined that he would never go over the edge until I had decided that the time was right. I switched to my magic wand vibrator, set to its slowest, most teasing speed, and gradually built him up to the edge over and over again. I could see from the clear fluid dribbling into his condom that the pre-cum was flowing fast but, as I repeatedly warned him throughout the next half-hour, that pe-cum was the only thing coming out of his cock for some considerable time to come. I may be mistaken but I’m sure that in the low lights of the dungeon I could see little tears of frustration running down his chubby cheeks. And that was before I got Liza working on his case.

When Fetish Liza appeared at my side, her outfit perfectly suited her unusual name. She was dressed in a tight, soft- leather corset that somehow managed to reveal her beautiful breasts and prominent nipples, and an equally figure hugging, short skirt and fishnet tights. When she confided that she hadn’t bothered with any panties that day, I could feel my slave stiffen under my grip. I left Liza to deal further with the miscreant, with the suggestion that she should continue the teasing routine in any way she pleased. Now I would not want to reveal the secrets of what Liza can do to a tied-up slave in her boudoir but suffice it to say that I kept hearing the buzz of vibrators on high-speed and that when I saw him again an hour or so later, he was a drooling wretch of a man, his eyes pleading for release that would not come.  It was also noticeable that one end of the large rubber, cock gag seemed to have been well used in some slave’s mouth and the other end carried the delightful scent of Liza’s pussy. What might have happened there, I wondered?

For the final part of the tease and denial session – after a further lengthy spell of vibration and wanking from me - I released slave from his bondage bag and took him back down to my clinic. Once secured on the medical bench, I could better examine his over-full balls and put his wanking treatment up to more serious levels.  Introducing my rebreathing apparatus and some relaxing aromas into the mix just seemed to take him closer and closer to insanity. Every touch of his cock was by now producing a continuous low moan of pain and pleasure and his head was rolling from side to side with a steady dribble of pre-cum pouring from his cock. Job accomplished, I thought to myself: truly the Day of the Pre-Cum. The only decision left was whether to put his bursting balls out of their misery with an orgasm. ‘Oh what the Hell,’ I thought. ‘He’s little use to me in this state. Will I – or won’t I?”

Only he and I know the answer…and who on earth would bother listening to a madman slave?

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