Premium Pudding

May 19, 2015

I love my suberply equipped Hanwell dungeon complex - but sometimes it's fun to vary the surroundings and play with some lucky subbie, and my Domme friend Miss Mighty, amid the surroundings of a luxury hotel with a comfy King Size bed to really stretch out my slave and work on all of his sensitive bits and pieces. An overnight 'stay and play' session in a hotel like that also comes with the added bonus that your Mistress gets very well fed with a wonderful fish dinner and - even more importantly - a yummy pudding to follow! Naturally, the wine also flowed freely which put both Miss Mighty and I in particualrly sexy andsadistic moods before we even started on our helpless bur eager slave.

We had packed a case of fun toys and goodies and soon we had the fortunate wretch strapped down to the bed, immovably held by a dozen or more of my white, 'Maxcita' strait jacket canvas straps. Between the two fo us we tried out just about every one of the many types of nipples clamps I had packed, along with a cock gag and electro pads to keep him in just the right amount of pain to satisfy our sadistic desires. I can't remember which of we two Mistresses decided to ties his balls to his toes, it was such a success that I may just claim the idea as my own! The fun part was that every movement he made (and we made him make many, many movements by the simple expedient of turning up the cock and ball electrics from time to time) tugged on his nipples and made him wriggle even more. Naturally with two such rampant Mistresses in attendance there were some consolations in the scent of pussy juice to releive his discomfort once in a while.

A seocnd positon saw him encased in a rubber bodybag with a terriying breath control hood which was regularly made even more terrifying by Miss Mighty deciding to block his breathingh hole with her pert nipples. As she contoinued with his breath training, I applied some nippleclamps over the top of the bodybag, although by now he was getting so slippery tat it was hard for the clips to really dig in to the right degree. I soon solved that problem by opening up the handy xip access built into the suit and nipple level for just such an eventuality. Miss Might had fun with a new device she wanted to try out and she soon had the slave's cock joined to his own nipples to intensify his torment.

For position three we moved from the bed to a handy armchair to which subbie was soon roped in every direction with his arms held, his legs apread wide, his mouth gagged and with a blindfold which we held in place with a printed tape saying 'FRAGILE,' a warning that we immediately ignored as his torment continued. Once he was completly helpless Miss Might and I got on with out own game as I tied her spreadeagled to the bed, making especially sure that he knees were held wide apart to allow me full access between her thighs. I knew that subbie could hear what happened next but I'm also sure he was taking a sneaky look as I repeatedly fisted my friend's pussy, ramming my fingers in harder and harder each time to make her climax time and time again.

After all that excitement, we rather took pity on the poor man and decided that his suffering had earned him a little reward from both of his Mistresses. We put him on his back on the bed, stretched and tied his arms back to the headboard and tied his legs to the foot of the bed. We did take out time to tease and build him towards a climax but finally I got busy with some serious wanking of his poor, already-punished cock and pushed him over the edge to a squirting climax, ably assisted by Miss Mighty burying his head between her breasts to smother him into a screaming orgasm. Staying, playing and cumming as well: what more could a lucky slavepossibly want?

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