Prisoner c348

Nov 21, 2012

 Prisoner c348 arrived for processing. As with all prisoners of his scale, he was rigorously protesting his innocence, using his approachable demeanour as a cover for the filth and depravity that lie just beneath the surface. I was continually on my guard as I’ve been fooled by this type of prisoner before. Of course this like many others needed processing and it was down to Nurse Despair to determine if he could withstand such rigorous interrogations. Best to start off with a spell in the cells to illustrate the gravity of the situation, I thought. Of course, the protests of innocence were coming thick and fast so it was a ‘fast track’ to cell no 1 to demonstrate that I mean business. ‘There are two ways of proceeding’ I warned, ‘the easy way or the hard way, which one do you want?’. Keeping the prisoner locked up for a while certainly sets the scene, his mindset began to change and he started to partially co-operate. It was time for the nurse to assess him as a suitable candidate for full interrogation thought and he was promptly ushered down to my white room.

Cuffed and positioned on his side if foetal position, Prisoner c348 needed to be filled and flushed, a necessary part of the process. His crimes were laid out before him, Charge 1, looking at inappropriate bondage images of women, Charge 2, theft of sexual toys from a know establishment, Charge 3, continued sexual stimulation of his organ. The only way forward was the ‘testing process’ to determine how the prisoner would withstand the rigors of the suspension room. Anal and cock electrics were fitted, nipples were tweaked and clamped and more and more straps were added to keep the prisoner in place and under control.

After the necessary level of duress, he was cleared for transport. Promptly dressing in the ‘control jacket’, prisoner c348 was quickly escorted to the suspension room. It was decided that he would be placed in a standing position to witness his treatment in from of the mirror. Phase 3 was introduced, a series of floggers were introduced and applied throughout his entire body. the house ‘truth serum’ (a warm wet liquid, a speciality of the house guaranteed to make the most resistant of men submit. Soon thereafter, the whipping bench seemed the most suitable place to continue the cp treatment. Finally, totally worn down, body and spirit broken a confession was gleaned.

The final place for the ‘rehabilitation’ was the stretching rack. Such a shame that the prisoner hadn’t spotted the elasticised nipple clamps that were attached at suitable points for they were coming his way next. Balls tied down, arms stretched back, the final humiliation to move his preferences from viewing sub women to craving dominant ones was ensured with a powerful magic wand. What became of prisoner c348, well only time will tell.

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