Prisoner Cell Block M...The Return

Aug 4, 2011

Today was my second Prisoner Cell Block M introduction, to the latest wing in my Hanwell premises. All of those who missed the boat on day one were scheduled to arrive at varying times, all had a long charge sheet that covered previous crimes and all those who stood before the judge were found GUILTY. No leniency was granted, no mitigation on the circumstances, all prisoners were to be bound, rubberised, chained and systematically subjected to a mixture of bisexual activities, electro stim and nipple torment.

As previously, Sherry joined the proceedings, exorcising her right to use the prisoners in her very special manor. Such a shame that this is Sherry's last attendance at Hanwell. I will really miss her charms (and I know one or two of you are rather smitten by her too).

It was a pleasure to welcome the rubber slave of another dominant female, who trusted me with her property and assured me that I should use, penetrate, violate and abuse that slave, putting him through his paces and making sure his mouth was given a real grilling. What a sensational addition he made in such a customised rubber costume (11 out of 10 for that one). Rest assured Mistress, your slave didn't disappoint. He well and truly stepped up to the mark and earned a gold star for his work.

As for the rest of the prisoners, some were overwhelmed  by the whole experience, I'm sure the day has left its mark. The smiles on the faces are you left was praise in itself.  Thank you to all who attended, your participation made the day a success. Domestic Doreen was especially busy, and yes I needed your help as always. Good bye Sherry, such a shame to see you go,  you will be missed.

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