Probing My Newest Slavegirl

May 14, 2013

Another wonderful fun day at Hanwell Towers filming with a new slavegirl, Chloe Lovett, who proved eager to please her Mistress in every perverted way possible. She looked as pretty as a picture stripped down to her lingerie and telling me all about her submissive girl-on-girl fantasies. Now, as my regular slaves will know, I am very much a man-loving woman but it is hard to resist tormenting and playing with such a pretty little thing as Chloe, especially when she is fingering her pussy and begging to be fucked by my strap-on. I started by making her answer a few interview questions about her sexual tastes in order to ascertain her suitability to serve at Hanwell Towers. Then it was into the clinic and on to the medical bench for the full and intimate examination that is required for all my new slaves. Chloe smooth little pussy was soon gobbling up my rubber-gloved fingers in a way that suggested she is no stranger to a woman's hand. Sure enough, her nipples too stiffened to my touch and I couldn't resist attaching my milking machine to her breasts for some suction and nipple-electric torment. My male slaves who have experienced the milker's sucking and sting on their nipples will be pleased to know that it works even better on a young lady’s pert breasts.

I couldn't help but notice that my normally cool cameraman was a little hot under the collar when I directed him to take a few close-up shots between Chloe's legs while I held her lips open for a closer examination. I'm sure the film on my clubsite soon will prove to be a popular attraction. Then it was on to the suspension room to introduce my slavegirl to two new delights: my spanking hand and my fucking machine. I think you'll agree when you see the pictures that she took to both like a duck to water. Of course, it couldn't be all pleasure in my bondage domain: there had to be pain to provide the essential yin & yang balance. In this case that came in the form of a pathetic male slave who was forced to suffer pain every time Chloe was pleasured. Since she seemed to be very sexually excited, I felt almost sorry (No not really…)for the balancing amount of discomfort and torture he had to endure: especially when I gave Chloe the cords clamped to his nipples and balls and told her that the harder she pulled, the bigger the orgasm I would allow her. That girl can pull for England if her sexual pleasure depends on it and it was a treat for me to hear his cries of agony synchronised with her cries of orgasmic delight.

The two got on so well together that I had one last experiment to conduct to ensure that Chloe would not let sympathy for my male slave’s plight interfere with her obedience to her mistress. He was strapped in my watersports box with orders to swallow every drop of piss that Chloe let drip from her bursting-to-pee bladder. Would she hold on to save him from drowning... Or let it all burst forth? You'll need to see her film to find out. Coming soon to a clubsite near you! The one certainty, of course, was that whatever she did with her piss, there was no way I was going to let any slave of mine out of that box without a thorough soaking. So that’s exactly what he got: Ahh… that blissful feeling of relief after a long day’s filming

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