Feb 12, 2011

Yesterday I completed a fun session with a dog slave of mine. I gave him a new nickname, PUP. Now, initially it might seem that this refers to his style of play, but on this occasion it’s not the case. It stands for Pathetically Underdeveloped Penis, which is exactly the condition that this slave suffers from. PUP, as he is now known as, was dressed like a female (after all he is no use to a woman other than to be humiliated and violated), stood in the suspension room for a thorough inspection. His balls were found to be ridiculously small and needed tying and electrifying and his nipples needed clamping and stretching.

PUP has been serving me for a number of years. On this occasion his scenario involved being sent from his female boss to me for behaviour modification as he has been rude to her. She insisted on a video which she can play to make an example of him and add to his humiliation. Lets see if she is happy with the results, if not I’m sure he will be back for more training soon.

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