Queen of Tarts

Nov 19, 2011

Booking 2 sessions with me two days in a row is asking for trouble, but, knowing my penchant for the kinky and bizarre one brave slave did just that. Wednesdays session included some very messy bi training with the majority of the session thereafter focussing on scaring the pants off my claustrophobic slave with an array of breath play hoods (3 at a time) that centred around a lot of plastic fantastic inflatable's and small tubes. Of course as my subbie was playing two days in a row I couldn't let him cum, after all I wanted to enhance the desperation for Thursday. A finishing spell with the massager meant he arrived like a tripod on the day.

On arrival, Id arranged an overlap, he had to start his session by finishing off a slave from the last, let's just say that went with a bang and before he knew it, his session was well underway. After strapping him down, I managed to find out that a night of masturbation (without cumming) was had, but with totally inappropriate pornography. Luckily his laptop was on hand and I watched some of this ‘filth’, let me tell you I was horrified....woman in bondage....women being tortured. Then I hatched my devious plan.

Before he knew it, subbie was bound and swinging on my bodyboard, fixed to my breath play machine, Venus 2000 attached,  I run through a few scenarios to stamp out this behaviour. As id completed a 3 hour breathing training the day before, I thought, why not a change  of scene. This is when his nightmare well and truly started. ..
I ordered my slave to dress, only with the exception of his pants and socks and I quickly fitted him with a huge posture collar and the reddest lipstick I had and marched him out of the dungeon to my car. It must have felt like an absolute nightmare for the poor dear to be out in public, collar on show, lipstick glowing and a very sheepish slave hoping the very busy high street would just swallow him up. Soon we were at a lingerie shop. ‘Here is Barbara’ I told the shop assistant, ‘she has been extremely naughty’. Immediately I made Barbara strip off naked, very humiliating as the shop started to get customers. To summarise, poor Barbara was made to boot kiss, explain his masturbation habits, pick a paddle to punish himself with before my choosing a halter neck fur lined love heart baby doll dress with red fishnet stockings, black wig and feather boa. What's more I made her walk back through the busy high street to the car, stopping to kick him out of the car at Waitrose with an urgent cake errand.
Needless to say, a fun afternoon for all concerned  (except poor Barbara) who later said it was the single most humiliating thing that ‘she’ as ever done in her whole life....well don't say that Barb, that sends a challenging message to me.

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