Ready Steady Action!

Jan 30, 2011

Well this week has been an action packed week, no doubt. With Tuesdays culmination of a 6 hour medical scene carried forward with my Monday patient and American pro-Domme, plus other medical sessions taking place on the same day, I've been really in character for more of the same on Wednesday, whether my subs liked it or not! In fact, Wednesday saw a late finish for me too, with a prolonged multi layered rubber and inflation scenario. This scene whizzed by, nothing to do with the added benefit of my slave bringing in some home-made cake. LOL. My Thursdays session slave brought me a gift in advance of my upcoming birthday, so, thank you so much for being so thoughtful. Friday I got up to mischief, it had been a long but satisfying week, so I decided to tie and torment my long suffering slave with a serious cock tease and a half. Inspired by some Femdom art, I recreated a comic strip cuckold scene where my obedient slave works so very hard to please, bending to my every whim on a promise of some forbidden fruit. So near and yet so far from his prize, evil Mistress promises to fulfil his seduction, only to cast him to aside and bring in another slave , who flourishes in the glory of getting used as a sexual plaything whilst the first slave watches on helplessly. After such an amazing week, I took the weekend off to have some well deserved playtime of my own in the Cotswolds. My god its cold, probably should have packed my woolly hat!!!!

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