Real Fear: Real Tears

Oct 7, 2013

The last day of my American extravaganza saw my extreme domination of a beautiful girl as I made my pretty little bondage model weep real tears of pain and sheer terror. The fiercest of clamps all over her body, endless breath control and the fact that I was laughing at her distress, all combined to send the lovely Elise Graves close to the edge. I was so proud of myself to see real fear in her eyes and real tears on her cheeks. For those of you who do not know her, Elise is the wonderful, masochistic star of the famous ‘Infernal restraints’ web site, a mecca for bondage and domination fans around the world. I knew that she had had been superbly trained by the masterful figure of the man known throughout the BDSM world just as ‘PD.’ Taking this girl to her limits was going to be my hardest challenge yet.

As a warm-up routine before starting work on Elise, I first filmed a shoot with ‘Mumman,’ the bondage enthusiast whom I had earlier led around San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair by a chain attached to his cock cage. My welcoming hosts at had a new bondage chamber they wanted to show me. Built into the floor of the wooden patio ‘deck’ outside of their studios, was a coffin shaped hole which would hold my victim perfectly. Before leaving for the States I had packed one of my favourite hoods, the hard rubber German ‘smell-bag’ breathing hood, which by now was sorely in need of an outing. I strapped and laced that onto Mumann’s head before placing him within a tight-fitting neoprene sack and laying him down in his cell. All of the layers now encasing his body meant that once the coffin lid was closed, Mumman was immovably trapped, stretched flat on his back and unable to move a muscle. Through the metal bars of his cell lid, I could see that he would soon start to heat up under the San Francisco sun; how kind of me to get out the garden hose and thoroughly soak him with icy cold water before leaving him to stew in the hole.

It was time for me to meet the beautiful and petite Elise. I had already decided my theme for her first shoot would be ‘black-and-white’ and the ever-helpful Dalton from Serious Bondage was already rigging the studio to match my chosen colour scheme. He laid out a black suspension board and has assembled all of the pure white Segufix straps with which I could hold Elise in place. I had soon helped my young model into a black rubber suit and forced her head into a breath control hood that she had thoughtfully brought with her. Elise had chosen he hood because she knew it worked well for her whilst she was standing up; she had never tried it laying down and was anxious to see what effect it might have. I was only too happy to oblige. I think what she may not have anticipated was that I was going to push some of my freshly-worn underwear under the hood and over her face to ensure that the rubber didn’t collapse and make it even harder for her to breathe. What a thoughtful Mistress I am? Too kind for my own good once again…

To balance that kindness, I determined to be a little more cruel than usual with the rest of her session. I had bought a vast number of strong white clips which attach easily to metal hooks and can therefore be strung out from the body in all sorts of fascinating and unusual ways. Batches of these clamps on the skin under her arms, on her breast and nipples and even stretching her pussy lips wide apart soon had the tears running down her face. Tightly strapped to a bondage board which I could swing at will, Elise reminded me of the old British wallpaper advert in which a man dangles helplessly, attached to a board. He couldn’t have been more helpless than Elise was as I played with her hood and repeatedly took away her air.

I was having the time of my life torturing this beautiful girl and soon found myself laughing as she wriggled, pulled on her own nipples and started crying out of control. The more she cried, the happier she made me and soon I brought in the final straw to try and take her up to her limits. One of my American purchases is a magic wand vibrator that also delivers a sharp and painful electric shock if I push the right button. Many of my London slaves will be tasting its sting soon enough! Now, however, I started stroking it across Elise’s body to induce a mix of pain and sexual pleasure that brought our session to a close. Time to move on to scene Number Two.

For the next film, I dressed Elise in tight leather catsuit and an ‘alien’ leather hood. She looked fantastic tottering around the studio in her bound glory and with a single armbinder to ensure she could never get free. She is so flexible that I could keep her struggling in place with a single hook, although she soon was once again at her limit. It was time to get her into an inflatable rubber body bag with yet more breathing control as she was lifted high and left suspended from the ceiling. Time then for the final film scene.

I had not forgotten poor Mumann still locked tight in restrictive neoprene and inside a dark smell-bag hood outside in the sunshine. Perhaps I should take little Elise out to visit him? My colleague Dalton had by now squeezed her tiny frame into a spandex hobble dress which stopped her having any control over her bound arms or legs. That meant we had to carry her outside like a helpless parcel and strap her down on a medical body board on the patio. The ever-helpful Dalton had some industrial strength cling-film to hand to ensure that even her head could not move as she lay face-up on the board.  All sorts of fun and games ensued – all of it captured on film to be shown soon on my members’ site. Pinwheels on her feet and cords tied tightly round her nipples soon had Elise gasping with pleasure and pain. Time to cool both of my victims off, I thought. I removed Elise’s hood in order to enjoy the distress in her eyes, out came the hose and they both got an ice-cold soaking. I discovered that Elise could hardly breathe if the hose was squirted into her face whilst she couldn’t even turn her head to prevent it.

But Oh… so much noise from such a tiny lady! By now both of my victims were shaking both from the cold of the icy water and from fear of what I might do next. The only way of quietening Elise  down was to tell that that any more sound would result in the hardest torture yet of her nipples. She grew quieter after that!

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