Reasons to be Cheerful

Mar 20, 2012

Two reasons to be cheerful this week. A glorious Spring Day at Hanwell Manor and a visit from the delectable Mistress Rouge, to help me bring even more sunshine into the lives of some of my favoured subs with a double Domme dose of pain and discomfort. Our first session in the suspension room tested the anal limits of one of my prettiest little sissy girls. I must say I do sometimes like to sit back and just watch another Mistress at work, especially when she is as talented at anal play as my friend Mistress Rouge clearly is. The little subbie’s cries of pain as his arse was stretched and tormented with some of our biggest strap-ons was music to my ears: even more so because I could then make my way round to the trapped little slut’s front end and gradually feed my own strap-on between his lips for a serious spit-roasting. He was pretty as a picture in his slutty little bitch outfit, but I like hurting the pretty ones just as much as all the others. Mistress Rouge and I agreed that pity doesn’t live here – however attractive the sub may be.
Round one of anal play was quickly followed by some serious boot worship for both of us ladies, combined with a series of though beating to ensure that my next slave maintained his enthusiasm throughout. He was doing well until the moment I realised that he was sneaking voyeuristic looks at Mistress Rouge’s body when he should have been concentrating on our boot leather. Now, I do understand that two dominatrixes, both of us dressed in rather revealing leather outfits, is a temptation for any man, but I have to draw the line somewhere. Just because a slave is getting more and more excited by the nearness of our bodies, and more sexually frustrated by the torment we are dispensing, does not mean he can forget his lowly place in life. Trying to peep between Mistress Rouge’s legs as she beats his backside just earns him even more punishment than before.
Our final game of the day involved one of my cheekiest and naughtiest slaves. I sometimes despair of just how sluttish and filthy this sub can be. He only behaves himself once I have threatened the direst punishments to keep him in line and his training needs to become more and more severe every time he comes to serve me. Once I had explained the situation to Mistress Rouge she came up with her own excellent ideas to help bring him back into line. What a helpful friend she is! We decided on a fisting contest to see which of us could force their rubber-clad hand the deepest into his rear. Of course, we had to gag him as tightly as possible to ensure that his whimpers of pain would not distract either of us and ensure that our contest was as fair as possible. My medical room was fully put to use to hold him firmly in place and ensure his rear did not wriggle too much. Who won our little contest? Well that would be telling. Suffice it to say that once I deploy my secret lube weapon of a large tub of grease, there are few that can match my fisting capabilities. Will my slave ever walk straight again? That is another question and only time will tell.

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