Recreation Frustration

Jun 6, 2014

 It's fortunate indeed that I have completed work on my new, extensively-equipped, medical wing at Hanwell Towers, because just when you think you have seen every conceivable form of bizarre sexual perversion and every possible type of sexual medical condition, a new discovery comes along to surprise you. That was the case this week when a patient presented himself for treatment with a condition previously unknown to sexual medical science and in urgent need of some intensive treatment that only a Mistress with my extensive experience is able to perform. It took even me some time (and more than a little pain and discomfort for the patient) for even me to produce a correct diagnosis of this new and worrying condition.

The slave in question had been enjoying himself for weeks, indulging in various hobbies, travelling with friends around the world and generally enjoying his considerable leisure time with no thought for what really matters in life: his sexual health and satisfaction. Obviously, something has to give and in this case it was his overfull and needy cock and balls. The condition, which I have now categorised as "Recreation Frustration," arises when all of this activity prevents a slave from regularly visiting his Mistress for that all-important ill treatment, distress and humiliation that only 'The Bondage Mistress' can provide. I quickly prescribed a prolonged stay in my new improved medical wing, which specialises in niche tests and experimental therapies to cure these, often unrecognised, frustrations and dark desires.

His treatment commenced with some rapid, but restrictive bondage, in order to prepare the slave for the administration of copious quantities of various types of medicine from both my rebreathing equipment strapped to his face and through nasal administration of some relaxation vapours designed to calm and soothe his fears as well as making him more compliant for the invasive and intrusive therapies he required. The medicine did make my patient somewhat 'woozy' but, as I told the poor, frustrated wretch at the time: "It's not that nurse wants to hurt you... it's just that this is the treatment you need... over and over and over again."

Once fitted with a tight leather strait jacket, I was able to transfer my patient through my new corridor complex that now connects the medical room to the suspension facility at Hanwell Towers. This new arrangement gives me the opportunity to move clients quickly and easily between the rooms and take full advantage of both the medical equipment and my vast range of restriction and suspension equipment in the purple room. Here, my patient was soon flat on his back in a sling and hoisted to a comfortable working height for me to start an in-depth examination of his troublesome genitalia. I wasted no time in inserting a large electrical stimulation butt-lug into his rear and arranging further electrics around his cock and balls. Flicking on the power switch and raising the level of current, I was quickly able to find a level of discomfort that ensured I had his full attention for the treatment that followed. Carefully cleaning and sterilising the affected area, I was able to introduce a series of metal 'sounds' into his urethra, gradually increasing the size of the instruments until I felt I had stretched this patient to the limit.

All too soon it was time to take him back into the medical room for the culmination of his 'Recreation Frustration' treatment. There was lots and lots of medicine and rebreathing still to apply and I also found it necessary to substantially increase the level of bondage by applying multiple leather straps to secure him to my medical examination bench. The new medical facility allows me far more access around the bench than in my previous clinic, which is bringing new opportunities for me to reach and treat every little nook and cranny of my patients' bodies. I know that sometimes this means my subjects can become somewhat distressed at the level of treatment i have to apply - but, as always, they are there for my amusement and experimentation rather than for their own comfort.

The subsequent medical session went swimmingly, I thought. There were higher and higher levels of anal electrics to apply, repeated metal sounds in all sorts of shapes and sizes and even more medicine which I prescribed as being a vital part of affecting a cure. Once again your nurse-Mistress's diagnosis and treatment proved to be efficacious and effective. We proceeded slowly and carefully to the point where some intensive vibration therapy produced a full milking of all the patients' considerable build up of frustration and desire. Another success for the Hanwell medical team and a tribute to the new and improved range of medical equipment now at my disposal. I feel assured that the opening of my new facility will usher in a new era of medical success in West London.

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