Regular Trainer

Aug 23, 2012

The advantage of being a know slave to me is that, once in the door, there is little need for words, no description of fetish preferences required, just simply hand your body over to me for my sadistic please and artful display. Today’s offering has all the hall markings of an owned and controlled slave and that’s just the way I like it.  Id selected a suitable leather hood for my submissive, getting him quickly into bondage on the whipping bench and deciding his face, instructing him of what was to come was merely a formality. He WOULD be taking my strap-on, both in the mouth and ass, sizes WOULD be increasing continuously and there is a lot worse to follow for sure.

It’s a good job my slave is a very ‘kinky bugger’ (as he likes to describe himself), loving my selections of his torment, not knowing what is to befall his fate. Today I’m in the mood for attacking his nipples with needles, tying his cock nice and tight but better still a leather slave harness with dildo already moulded into place assures no comfort is felt at any time. Of course I’ll make him sit on this, to continually remind him of my control over his body. Some days I’m in the mood for very complete bondage, but as my regular slave has only an hour to spare, time is in short supply.

Reaching for a crop, holding a magic wand, what is a guy to do?? Suffer the pain or enjoy the vibrator. Wouldn’t it be a shame if I left him frustrated.

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