Feb 7, 2013

 Today has been a hectic, though most enjoyable, day. After a brief encounter of the chiropractor kind this morning, I ventured to the gym for what was pretty much my visit of the year. I must admit that, as workouts go, this was not the most impressive session I have ever had, but then getting ‘back on the horse’ after one has slipped off, is never an easy task. My only excuse is that a number of rather nasty bugs have kept me feeling a bit worse for wear and unable to maintain my usual training regime. I was, however, pleased with my efforts and, shortly after leaping out of the shower and hot-footing it into work, I was in session at Hanwell Towers, welcoming one of my regular slaves back to the fold. ,

I realised that I was in a rubber mood today and so dressed in black-and-white, sexy latex to show off my ‘so-almost natural’ tan to its best effect. My subbie had, of course, given me free rein to use his flesh for any perverted games that I might desire, and so I was determined to give his body a thorough going-over. I decided to start by demonstrating the power of my wonderful milker: in particular the machine’s, suction-electric, nipple cups. Opening up the session in the medical room, I soon had my slave spread-eagled on the e initially expressed his delight at the fetish complexity of the leather rig used to strap the milker into position against his nipples. Once the machine started up, however, with its relentless sucking and its matching electric charge, his nipples seemed to be telling a different story. I left the current surging periodically through my trussed-up and electrified slave whilst I transferred my attentions a little lower down his body, to his as-yet unoccupied ass. To maintain the intensity of the session, I pushed home an interestingly-large butt plug and informed the helpless subbie of my devious plan. What better way to ensure he is ready for any bi-play which I may plan for him in future, than to train his ass to be in a constant state of readiness to receive cocks of any shape or size?

The first step was to introduce subbie to a new bondage position: this time on the sling in my suspension room, with my slave’s legs spread akimbo and held in position by a set of securing ropes. I added suspension cuffs to his wrists and ankles and ‘voila,’ there we had the perfect position for his ass-training to commence. My fucking machine was wheeled into position so that the dildo attached to its piston was perfectly placed to force home the delights of deep ‘back-door’ play. A lot of lube later and the cock-shaped device was smoothly slotted home in place inside his rear. I set the machine running with what was, at first, a slow but steady rhythm but soon decided to up the tempo a little, heading towards the fucking machine’s impressive maximum speed. I love my milking and fucking machines: each as relentless as the other in the mechanical way they set about their business of bringing delight or discomfort to my subjects. Lo and behold, a constant hammering on this slave’s prostrate soon managed to produce the vital mixture of pleasure and pain for which I had been aiming.

It is always hard to know in advance exactly how much treatment will be needed to thoroughly open-up and prepare any slave’s arse for subsequent penetration by a real cock, but this particular specimen seemed to be doing well. It was not long before he duly began pleading for me to grant him the release he so desperately needed. As regular readers will know, I decide on each case for an orgasm on its merits but I must confess I had been impressed by this subbie’s determination and resolve not to let me down with a premature ejaculation. Every good boy deserves favours and so I granted him my permission to cum and was treated to an almost-instantaneous and impressive explosion as his body was wracked with spasms of orgasmic delight. A busy end to a busy day.

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