Rest Assured

Aug 5, 2011

Good news for all you leather fetishists, a friend of mine has decided to close his personal playroom, this means he has generously offloaded a lot of his stock to me. All of a sudden, along with my recent purchases for the prison wing, the metal head cage and ball wrists, the huge selection of electro attachments, the new rubber hoods I purchased from Cocoon, I now suddenly have lots of leather body harnesses, cuffs and restraints to play with as well. Along with all this, he has given me a selection of wooden paraphernalia including stocks, ball clamps with cleats, breast harnesses, wooden spreader bars and a heavy lockable wooden be honest there is no point in me cataloguing all my latest stuff, the list is always longer than what most of you can be bothered to read!!!

Rest assured, if there is something on the market, I will probably have three of them...

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