Return to The Fold

Aug 20, 2012

‘Look at you there, all dressed up in sexy black and blue rubber, corseted, hooded, collared and tied, see yourself strapped to the bondage chair, gagged, roped and helpless, I’m going to remind you exactly what you will face when you step in my door...’ This was the opening line to the start of my reprogramming session for a wandering slave, 2 years since stepping foot into Hanwell Manor. Of course its all water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned but for my helpless slave, the whispering in his ear of the torment to come was a real fear inducer. I watched as he wriggled and writhed, testing his bounds and knowing no way free, a mere spectator in his plight.

The torment continued in the medical chamber. ‘The longer your with me, the more obedient you will become, today you will tell me a secret that nobody else knows....ill electrify your ass, smother your face, control every breath until you surrender so completely that ill break down those walls and peek into the deepest darkest corner of your mind.....embarrassment knows no limits as steal the information from you, committing it to memory so that every time you enter my lair, ill see the look of shared information in your eyes, now give me the secret I demand...’ Let me tell you he fought a valiant game, tried and tested to withstand my will, did his best to let sleeping dogs lie but no relent, no get up, nowhere to run, he gave me what I wanted, a secret that only he and I now share.

The final Phase in the Suspension room required bondage to the max. Multiple layers, multiple straps, bags, hoods, wigs, gags, there was no end to my restriction. However, now in place the slow winding of the cogs continued, he floated half dreaming but very much in that heightened aroused state that continues to build. Nothing to distract, no electro toys to assist, merely a slow slow attention of my hand in place, the fate secured, he was mine and i would show him how easily i could prolong his final ecstasy with carefully timed knowledge of his body. What better ending to leave him for some time in that post orgasmic state to revel in the knowledge of a journey at my hands.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room