Rise Of The Machines

Jul 21, 2013

Sometimes when we Mistresses tease and deny our slaves to a pitch of screaming frustration we, too, can become unintentionally excited and therefore in need of our own relief once the wretches have gone. Luckily there are fucking machines and vibrators a’plenty always on hand for some after-hours, girl-on-girl pleasure at Hanwell Towers. They were certainly needed and put to good use the other day when my fellow domme, RedXXX, came to play. She and I spent hours and hours putting a series of slaves through their paces, moving from room to room to spit-roast, suffocate, beat and generally fuck-up some worthless males who were all pathetically grateful for our painful attentions. 

The problem was that at the end of the day, Red confessed to me that she was feeling as horny as hell and had been turned-on by all the suffering she had inflicted. Although she had, unlike me, been treated to some serious clit and pussy licking to repeated orgasms by one of my slaves, she still had some greedy sexual urges. His attention in working her to full and complete satisfaction may, I suppose, have been somewhat distracted by the fact that while Red was sitting on the sub’s face and urging his tongue to explore her body, I was simultaneously at the other end, plunging my fingers deep into his rear and massaging his prostate. That’s the problem with male slaves: they just cannot learn to multi-task as a female slave would happily have done.

It didn’t seem to matter which position we put our slave in across my whipping bench while he was being filmed for my club site, he was too busy worrying about his own pain and discomfort to properly attend to my friend’s needs: even though she whipped off her panties, turned herself around on his face and had him licking from every possible direction. I have to confess that when we were left alone in the dungeon (well apart form a rather hunky cameraman) I was troubled to see that she was still bothered by sexual desires. Like any good hostess, I always want my fellow dommes to have the nicest of times where they come to visit me and so I decided that ‘something had to be done.’

I had earlier noticed Red eyeing-up the size of the rubber dildo attachment ready and waiting on my fucking machine and so that was the obvious place to start. Surprisingly, she did not need much lube to get herself comfortably in position, sitting at a convenient height on the whipping bench as I slid the business end of the machine into place between her pussy lips. Perhaps that male slave’s oral attentions had done just a little good after all? Just to get her used to the ‘full vagina’ sensation, I pushed the helmet of the cock inside her and started the fucking machine off at its slowest speed and then gradually built up the pleasure as she relaxed and grew more excited.  I thought it was time to bring in the Magic Wand vibrator on her clit, but I quickly realised that this was going to bring proceedings too-rapidly to a climatic conclusion.

Red was disappointed when I took the wand away for a moment, but reassured when I told her it was purely a temporary absence in order to let her adopt an even more comfortable doggie position on the bench. With her arse in the air and the fucking machine inserted nice and deep, it was time to pump up the pressure. It takes just a flick of my fingers to turn the fucking machine up to full speed and push it even deeper into her body. Few women can withstand the pleasure of the large cock pumping in and out whilst I concentrate on teasing their clit with my very special vibrator, and that was certainly the case with Red. As she got nearer and nearer to her climax I could smell the

delicious scent of her excitement building and could see more and more of her pussy juice being squeezed out with every thrust of the cock. 

All too soon she was gasping in the throes of a full-blown machine-induced orgasm and I gave her time to fully enjoy the sensation before slowing the device to a halt and slipping the dildo out of its moist and snug resting place. Actually ‘moist’ is probably not the best description: dripping wet would have been nearer the mark. As I made Red suck her own juices off of the condom-clad dildo, I reflected on the fact that so many of the men we had tormented that day would have been overjoyed to lick that well-used cock clean and dry. Typical, isn’t it? There’s never a good tongue slave to hand when one needs one!

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