Apr 10, 2012

I've met Mistress Rebekka Raynor before, which makes shooting always easy, but, Rebekka has a wonderful turn of phrase that makes me want to sit back, listen and smile as her captives crumble to dust as she takes them on an unforgettable journey. We arranged a mutual shoot at her premises (nothing like a journey through the sunny london skies to make you appreciate the scenery, but alas no roof down on route, I have a creative hair do to preserve after all). Mistress Rebekkas basement den of delight offers some unique pieces of equipment which we put to good use on her regular slave in attendance. We shot 3 good scenes that day, getting rather carried away with ourselves, as all Dommes and slaves know that when things are going so well, it's hard to wrap them up. We managed to capture a rebel fugitive, hiding out and attempting to keep the location of his friends a secret. I ask you, since the NEW DOMINANT FEMALE PARTY took charge, haven't things been much improved? After all, you lesser males have made such a cock up of running thing, it's obvious from the landside victory we achieved that change was imminent, inevitable and necessary. Yes, like any new order, there are rebels. However, since men have not been allowed to roam the streets without their collars and chastity devices firmly in place, hasn't the world been a nicer place??

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