Rope Cocoon

Sep 14, 2011

What an interesting day I had yesterday. I was set the challenge of a 'rope cocoon' by a wonderfully fun subbie and of course I'm always up for a challenge. This is something I've not tried before and it was very interesting to watch the MOST amount of rope gradually snake its way around my helpless subs body. Of course I had to add a few little delights under the rope (electro pads for one) as a bound electrified sub offers no end of amusement to me. Coupled with a head harness that seemed to also reach to each individual ball, so every twitch rendered the subs balls at the mercy of his own movement (most delightful for me to watch). On top of this, I had to of course add my own special twee and finish off the look, looping a rope 'M' so there was no mistake who had created such a lascivious sight.
That was not my only session of the day. However I'm currently in the process of email frustration with my long suffering chastity slave. He has a session today, after 6. LOL

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