Roping Rodeo

Sep 18, 2015

 Despite my name ‘The Bondage Mistress’ I’ve never studied the art of rope bondage in depth – until now! That’s not to say that I can’t leave you utterly helpless and at my sadistic mercy with more restrictive bondage than you can shake a stick at – but the fine art of pretty rope work and rope suspension has previously eluded my attention. I was putting that right in a big way this week with some tricks and tips from rope bondage expert Scarlett and my wonderful friend and fellow Domme, Miss Mighty.

Our joint roping rodeo session saw us working together on one very lucky slave who I had already dressed in plenty of rubber after inserting a suitable electric butt plug and squeezing, tying and separating his balls. I led him downstairs to a slightly crowded medical room, shivering in anticipation (or perhaps it was fear) but unable to see what fate awaited him through the heavy leather of one of my most all-enveloping isolation hoods.

As soon as the slave was strapped down on the medical bench, being fussed over by three cruel rubber nurses, his needle torment began. Between us we managed to place two permanent piercings in each nipple before moving on to his cock and balls which we decorated with multiple permanent piercings which offered so many ways of stretching his personal ‘equipment’ that we were spoilt for choice.

But then it was time to move into the suspension room because the aim had always been to try a variety of rope bondage. With Scarlett passing on all her rope experience we put my slave in a tight rope hogtie, followed by a more challenging suspended hogtie and then position after position as I absorbed all of the rope instruction I could need. It was a highly instructive, and fun, day.

I’m not quite so sure my slave would necessarily agree with the ‘fun’ part though? Towards the end of the session I took him back upstairs to my main dungeon, used a substantial number of leather straps to secure him in a face-down position and started to work on his cock. I could tell that being in the company of such beautiful and dominant women for so long had left him frustrated and desperate but – feeling a little more cruel even than usual – I decided to deny him the relief he was craving. In the end he was not allowed to cum and will stay frustrated until he returns to see me again. The I might decide to let him climax… or maybe not?

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