Rover Returns

Feb 7, 2014

Can electrifying a slave's bollocks increase the creativity of his brain? That was the interesting question I was trying to answer with a willing 'volunteer' subbie who returned to my cell block at Hanwell after roving away for and failing to session with me for a number of months. It may be that "Rover" is not quite the mot juste for the particular slave in question, who might better be described as a wandering, meandering tomcat who is really in need of neutering with some some major bollock scrambling for not managing to visit me for far too long.

I sentenced him to a spell in my cell block and was, at least at the start, happy for him to count his blessings as I started off being relatively nice to the wretch. I did decide to dress him in a latex catsuit, a hood and add some anal electrics but he was about as comfortable as it is possible for any of the inmates to be inside my infamous Cell Block 'M.' Was I being too nice? Well, I did decide that a few mental gymnastics might offer an appropriate start to our session and so I left him alone with a suitable challenge. "I want to hear a poem, limerick or verse dedicated to me on my return....or else' 10 mins later.....popping my head in the door of the cell, an apologetic Tom meeky admits: 'I'm sorry Mistress, nothing worthy of your has sprung to mind'. Not a problem, I thought, insptiration can hit at anytime in the form of a bolt of here's my electro ball-bands to speed this process up. Naturally I'll up the anal electrics and even write the first line for you... "There once was a girl called Miranda." I decided that once the slave was locked in the cell I would also put the same challenge out on twitter as well, with some wonderful and varied results, I might add.

Anyway, back to the ferral Tom. did he please me with his witty ditty???? only time would tell, as soon enough he was led from the cell block to my waiting medical facility to interogate him about his nefarious activities over the 18 months of his absence. Naturally I could easily have extracted that information without breaking a sweat, but the fun and the challenge for me is to take my time, to slowly up the ante somewhat, to place a number of activities in his path and see if he breaks. Would the electro-sounds, balls and Oh Yes the nipple electro stim applied via needles, cause the cracks to appear, or would he prove to be a hardened battle worn cat of nine lives? Indeed his mischief and memory of my torments had to renewed with vigour as it became clear that he had indeed got his tiger stripes elsewhere!!!

Of course one visit to a friendly (or not so friendly perhaps) domme isnt really an issue. It was easy for me to remind him that he naturally missed me more for that very reason. (Come on, if i can't occasionally blow my own trumpet in a teasing manner, things would seem a little off. He would perhaps have thought that I had been replaced by some random bionic, 'nice,' clone! We couldn't have that now could we? Yes, there are a multitide of ways to retag that identity chip into this flea bag; a good dose of sexual frustration was needed at the hands of my wanking machine before a further visit to my suspension room and beyond. hoods, blindfolds, ball stretchers, magic wands, what is a poor boy to do....he just couldnt help but spill the beans and spill his load. Success! But I must warn you, I am like the most powerful drug known to man woman and beast, once tasted, never forgotten.....its only a matter of time 'Tomcat' and your frisky feet will be pawing at my door once again.

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