Royal Pains

Apr 28, 2011

The run up to the Royal Wedding has left me feeling very devious, as my last slave will testify. He was inspired by one of my blogs and wanted to repeat aspects of 'Mr Nervous' plus some of my film scenarios that I've posted. This slave is particularly camera shy and will not appear on film but that does not mean that he is let off the hook. I started by fitting him into my watersports box for a thorough soaking / swallowing of some delicious house champagne. What a thirsty slave he was, especially as I managed to tie his balls overhead to the beam, join them to his nipples and actively encourage the consumption.

Next poor subbie had his balls tied to the wall with my unyielding ball clamp, roped and stretched, his head harnessed and held to the beam and linked to the nipples. Every twitch moves the clamps and pulls on the already suffering balls. Of course I had to add a little bit of whipping to the rear to test my slaves resolve. Would he cry out?? Would he complain??

Finally it was time to suspend his arms overhead, tie his nipples to the beam again (yes i was pushing this slave to take nipple torture, especially as he hates it so). I watched on, as, his poor calves had to take the strain of prolonged tiptoes (otherwise the nipples would have been pulled with the rope Id fixed the clamps with). Oh and the orgasm that he produced managed to hit the other side of the room!

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