Rubber Evening Delights

Jan 31, 2014

 Welcoming my extreme rubber patient, my alter ego Nurse Despair seemed to be of a slightly cheerier disposition than usual. Some may wonder if it was due to the nature of the patient who was arriving, others may have speculated that it was the dark thoughts that were bubbling below the surface. However, it wasn’t long before all was revealed. After a brief initial consultation, a fully rubber clad roped and prepared patient made his way down to the clinic to see what cruel fate had in store for him. Laid out in front of him were his nurses’ familiar accoutrements including her sterile suture packs (ready for his nipples) her long rubber shoulder-length gloves which lay in wait for his ever-opening and accommodating rear but, best of all, the latest black full-enclosure rubber breath control mask, which fitted perfectly to the ‘breathing machine’ and promised an evening of ‘happy sailing’ around the theatre celling.

Secured, medicated and swabbed ready for all treatments to proceed, there was a surprising knock on the door. Alas, my poor patient couldn’t yet see the delightful student nurse, grinning with anticipation, who had arrived eager to take her place at the side of Nurse Despair. A special lubricant was then applied by both nurses to their hands (and although the patient couldn’t see this) an obvious look of glee was emanating from both the medical staff at the thought of what was to follow. Both nurses took it in turn to apply their own special deep-penetration techniques, before deciding that two hands were always better than one. Offering no resistance at all and helplessly trapped, our patient could only moan with pleasure (or was there just a little pain and discomfort?) as he felt both hands stoking against each other inside his ever opening, slutty ass.

Two hands, working in tandem, training, stretching, stroking - and all of this occurring deep inside his body as though all three of us were privy to a very special secret. Naturally this kind of play normally takes a long time to build up to, however, this slut managed it within minutes of walking in the door. His evidence of true submission was further evidenced as more barriers were gradually and carefully pushed and broken down. Nipple sutures were just one example of a ‘first’ that this slave ticked on this day. Of course student nurse Sherry couldn’t help but reward such a fine example of training! Simply slipping off the patient’s mask, she gradually lowered her waiting pert bottom across his face, instructing him to ensure that his tongue was protruding enough for her to make full use of this particular muscle to her own advantage. Such a delicate procedure can cause Sherry’s legs to ache, so it was necessary to move to the whipping bench next door and continue, giving Sherry the flexibility to truly open her ass cheeks and thereby offer total coverage of all of her most personal areas.
Now, here I must digress: I’m sitting writing my journal of the evening’s events whist performing a ‘scrotal infusion’. Luckily one of my slaves has kindly donated some saline for the administration of sterile water to the scrotal sack of another particularly troublesome patient who is cursed with such syndrome as ‘over full balls’, ‘backed up balls’ and worst of all the tell-tale signs of a serial masturbator and perpetual, self-confessed pervert. It has been necessary for the clinic to continue the deviant sexual trials (previous papers) and naturally give him a genuine case of ‘inflated pride’ with a saline drip into his scrotal sac. I can now see by the sizable growth of his downstairs regions that the bag has, thankfully, been emptied completely and I can send this degenerate on his way to the office and conclude my blog.

Returning to my story I should add that after Sherry’s departure from the clinic, I was able to administer some inflatable multi-layered bondage which included the green medical bodybag inside the double skin inflatable bag. The combination of rubber restriction and bondage finally allowed the patient to drift off into climactic bliss.

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